USA Pre-Order Chart Week Ending October 19th, 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins enters its last week on the chart while Call of Duty: Ghosts continues to dominate Battlefield 4. On the next-gen consoles, Call of Duty: Ghosts gets a significant boost on Xbox One while PS4 titles inFamous: Second Son and FIFA 14 enter the Top 40.

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Lalanana1728d ago

Xbox one Ghost is really doing well.

JimmyHACK1728d ago

Yep, I would easily expect it to be #1 by far for both new console launches.

Belking1728d ago

Too bad VG chartz is always inaccurate. They still have the last guardian on that list so you know the numbers are made up.

Ketzicorn1728d ago

Yeah and the other 3 versions of Ghost in the top 5. I was more surprised to not see Fifa 14 for the X1.

Lalanana1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Yea i thought the same thing about Fifa for x1 lol.. i guess America is not really big on soccer like europe. I am curious on the fifa preorder numbers for europe for both x1 and ps4.

Edit:@Ketzicorn I have no idea.

Ketzicorn1728d ago

@Lalanana Yeah I wonder if they include the Fifa and Forza bundles as a Preorder for the game as well?

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Idba1728d ago

Yea i know. Buti think everyone expected US to have more xbox gamers than ps gamers since its MS birth place :P

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Stsonic1728d ago

The numbers are so suspect. PS3 and xbox always sell within a few digits of each other it does not add up.

roland821728d ago

i guess ppl are getting ghost on 360 than upgrading to xbone.

famoussasjohn1728d ago

I'll save the $10 to trade up, pre-ordered the Xbox One edition. Don't mind waiting the additional 2 weeks-ish for the Xbox One to play it.

JuleyJules1728d ago

I have a feeling that we'll see a lot of that with the new systems - people hesitating to upgrade. Sales are going to be crazy at the start for sure (Wii U was too) but then MS/Sony have to keep it up and convince gamers to buy the new systems. It could be tough when games continue to be released on the current systems. Most people I know with PS3/360 have no interest in upgrading yet. The market is really tough at the moment and is different for sure than it was 7 years ago.

Ju1728d ago

This doesn't really mean anything. Obviously the majority of current gen gamers will not upgrade. The current gen clocks in at about 80M sold and obviously it took them 7 years to reach that number. I for one will postpone my purchase to next year. And yet, I still believe it will sell out at launch. It's actually quite smart to stretch this a little.

Idba1728d ago

Ryse : 82,888 US pre-orders
DR3: 86,648 US pre-orders
Forza: 90,573 US pre-orders

= 260,109

Kilzone : 250,155 US preorders.

It seems like more xbox gamers in the US are converting to PS gamers :P

demonddel1728d ago

So I assume that's telling you the X1 has more options than the PS4

Idba1728d ago

No, that me saying 3 of MS exlcusives barely have more pre-orders than one ps4 exlcusive.

Funantic11728d ago

Killzone is the only decent exclusive the PS4 has. The Xbone has more to choose from.

gusgusjr1728d ago

That's the way I feel, right now I have Killzone on preorder, but feel like my other PS4 games are going to be indies when the system launches. I have preorders also on ryse and dead rising 3. I have multiplats on both systems.

Ju1728d ago

Right. And CoD and BF4 doesn't exist on the PS4...or why are those up there too? And why isn't that considered competing games in the same genre?

All other games - third parties like AC4 - top the XBone exclusives as well. Care to explain that? There are more PS4 titles in the list (top 50) than XBone which makes me think the PS4 has quite some titles to choose from. Weird, huh. Without games...

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