What Gamers Want For the Week of 10-21-2013

Your gaming allowance better be on the heavy side this week, because there’s more than one new video game release coming out this week that warrants a purchase.

The undisputed must-play title coming out this week is without a doubt Batman: Arkham Origins, which releases on October 25th. It may not be from Rocksteady, but it’s Batman, and WB Montreal didn’t mess with the formula that made this franchise successful, so put your fears away and add this game to your 2013 to-do list.

The next major release coming out this week is also rooted in the comic book genre. TT’s Lego Marvel Super Heroes is releasing for a plethora of platforms, and promises to bring the same level of humor and shenanigans as the previous Lego mash-up titles.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1585d ago

Definitely going Batman, but want to squeeze in some Lego Marvel action as well.

djplonker1585d ago

Im going to hold off buying anything this gen beyond two souls is the last game I rented and bf4 (with ps4 upgrade) will be my last purchased game!

roll on 29/11/13

JuleyJules1585d ago

There is lots to pick from this week and finally for Wii U there are a bunch of things all at once - Deus Ex & Lego Marvel Tuesday, for kids Just Dance Kids & Spongebob on Tuesday as well. Friday is Batman & Wii Party U.

Something for everyone finally. The next few weeks are going to be like that too.

In any case, Batman & Lego Marvel for sure!