Best Gaming PC for $500-$600 - Play BF4, Crysis on High Settings

Don't have much to spare but still want to play games like Battlefield 4, Crysis, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock and other graphics intensive games on high settings? Well then check out this performance oriented build.

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SuperBlur1609d ago

replace the power supply for something a little bit higher and overclock your gfx.

i would recommend that case over the one seen in the article , great airflow you can add a lot of extra fan later down the road.

and replace the stock fan to add extra life to your cpu
i'd recommend this one ;

this gtx 660 ti is 259.99 and comes with a 30$ rebate card and Arkham Origin .

0ut1awed1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Why would you go with a gtx 660ti when you can get also get the same reference cooler for the same price on a 760?

They perform similarly when at 1080p but if you bump it up to 1440p the 760 is where it's at.

SuperBlur1609d ago

i tried to keep the cost as low as i could.

0ut1awed1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Huh??? Let me quote myself...

"You can get also get the same reference cooler for the SAME PRICE on a 760"

It also comes with Batman as well. I agree with everything else though.

SuperBlur1609d ago

nah it's technically 20$ more hehe

0ut1awed1609d ago

Well true I guess but then you have to wait weeks for a rebate which kind of sucks but I guess it's better than nothing.

Still for a difference of $30 I would personally suggest sticking with the newer technology.

famoussasjohn1609d ago

Same special of getting Arkham Origin free for the 760 and other new cards. I haven't looked much into new cards, I bought the 660ti about 8-9 months ago and it's been nothing but amazing.

3-4-51609d ago

just build a $600 PC in March. Been playing every game so far on Very High to max settings with amazing frame rate.

ibuypower via newegg.....look it up.

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Kleptic1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Not a bad build at all, but take the 'high' settings with a grain of salt...and also remember, this doesn't include an OS, any peripherals, or a monitor (not saying it should, but its something to keep in mind if you're starting with absolutely no parts)...

that cpu is hit and miss depending on the game...the piledriver core architecture has specific advantages when coded with specific instructions...but it doesn't outperform 'similar' competing cpu's in all the ~$50-75 you save over a quad core haswell won't always show its worth from a performance stand point...

since this is also a weird time frame for PC parts, as lots of new stuff is coming towards the end of the year...I can't say i'd recommend an AM3+ socket board for anyone condidering upgrading in the next year or so...AMD has confirmed FM2+ is going to be their go to socket moving using that 6 core FX series cpu will probably be the last cpu you'd ever use with that motherboard...and also, the new line up of steamroller core'd cpu's are to be released around the end of the year...with significant improvements of piledriver...and rumored to drop at the same price (in which case, this current stuff will fall dramatically in price)...if anything, i'd just wait until december and see what happens...or go with the best haswell cpu you can afford right now...and skip AMD's current line up...

both graphics cards are fine for 1080, in most cases close to the highest settings...but if 60fps is your average target, you'll definitely be bumping settings down in a lot of newer games (i.e. Crysis 3, no way...probably the same for BF4)...those cards will keep mins safely above 30fps, it really comes down to how picky you are about frame hits...gpu wise, its another case of a little bit more money can get some significant gains, though...the R9 280x's are only about $50 more than the 660 ti's (and similar in price to Nvidia's rebrand of it last i checked)...and will walk all over both of those listed cards in this build...

so overall...imo, anyway...~$500-600 is an annoying price bracket to build a PC out of...while $700-800, you're definitely going to have a powerful system for a while...that 100 or 200 will make a huge difference, just based on what the parts are priced at right now...personally, i would just either wait a few months to see some price drops, or save an extra couple hundred and safely step out of 'mid range' territory on a few critical aspects...

Gamer1871609d ago

I think the OS should defiantly be added in any build since this seems geared toward the beginner PC builder

Kleptic1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

yeah, i see what you mean...

Most of these 'budget' PC builds are geared towards people who are considering either a PC for gaming, or a console...and in that case...yeah, an OS (windows specifically, as no other OS has enough game support to be considered...yet) and peripherals need to be included in order to get a real idea of the relative costs...

but...sites hate doing that because it throws any notion of 'budget' right out the window...just a basic 64 bit version of windows, and a complete crap mouse/keyboard combo is well over $100...a 1080 monitor; another $100 or so...and you're still not getting the kind of equipment most people would consider acceptable for modern 'core' gaming...

I was in that countless budget PC builds for for the past 10 years i've had nothing but laptops...and for the past 6'ish years had a ps3 for gaming...starting completely from scratch, my PC was close to $1000 said and done...and will barely touch any modern game, as it doesn't even have a dedicated gpu...just ordered a $350 gpu, and now i'll be in pretty good shape...but i'm fairly confident $1300 wouldn't be considered any type of great bargain...

Kleptic1609d ago

ordered a Sapphire R9 280x Toxic edition on friday from Newegg...Their price wasn't the best, but i had discounts built up in my account from the original PC build in i ended only paying about $260 myself...

its complete overkill for the time being, as I got a free A10 6800k apu through work...oc'd it myself to about 4800mhz...but it will never keep up with a card of that caliber...

hence all i wrote above about cpu's right now...I'm just going to bottleneck my gpu for the rest of the year because too much is coming to make a decision just yet...I'm kind of interested in seeing the Kaveri line of apu' some rumors show they may cross-fire all the way up to Tahiti based gpu's (i.e. what i just bought)...i'm not really worried either way, but i will need something cpu wise at least steamroller based from amd...or just jump ship and get a good haswell...I don't have any preferences other than price haha...

davidDIRK1609d ago

I came really close to building a gaming PC but I think I would be at a disadvantage with all the mouse/keyboard users our there. I gotta have a controller and need to sit diagonal so I can adjust my nuts when those gaming sessions heat up. So I just ordered a ps4. Plus kill zone and infamous are awesome franchises.

Kleptic1609d ago

Well i grew up playing shooters on PC more than anything...I did take a big long break from PC through this generation...but can't lie that i always missed a mouse for aiming in competitive worked on consoles though, as everyone was at the same disadvantage...

If you have any experience with playing a shooter on a PC...i'd bet you'd be really surprised at how quickly it comes back...for me personally, after you dial in the sensitivity of the'll be centering heads on your monitor without even trying...its the keyboard part that has me still fumbling around a bit...constantly hitting the wrong button for different equipment (in BF4's beta, at least), and things like that...but the learning curve isn't as steep as i thought it would be to do again...and the absolute best part is that every game allows customized you can make every shooter have the same layout, sensitivity, and 'feel' on PC...on consoles...that simply is not a possibility...each shooter can feel completely different from the next...

but, i hear you...just getting around ok is one thing...competing with the best a montage of someone like threatty in BF3...and just knowing guys like that could end up in your definitely i just hope they're on my team haha...

FlyingFoxy1609d ago

yeah you'll need to spend more than that if you want 60+fps @ 1080p with little to no dips.

AiirJordann231609d ago

My specs

Case: thermaltake commander ms-i snow edition

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H

GPU: Gigabyte GTX 650ti GDDR5 2GB


Processor: Intel Core I5-2500k 3.30 Ghz

Power Supply: Ultra Ls Lifetime Series 600W

OS: windows 7

Haven't Overclocked anything yet but runs really good
what do yall think about my build? is it good?

MidnytRain1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Based on these benchmarks (which are probably a little lower than they'll be at BF4 launch), you can probably get away with Ultra 1080p, no anit-aliasing at 30-ish frames. Turning down to high should be good for you.

Garagleme1609d ago

yeah i wouldn't trust those benchmarks too much, the game is in beta

MidnytRain1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )


You're right, they're not exact, but they're very likely to mirror what you'll see at launch. You're not going to see anything hugely different come release. They'll be a little better though, which I mentioned and accounted for in my comment above. Thus, he'll likely be able to play at ultra, 1080p, no AA in the 30s range of frame rates (dipping into the 20s sometimes).

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