NVIDIA G-SYNC could mean that next gen is obsolete already

NVIDIA wowed the entire industry with the reveal of the G-SYNC technology at a press event in Montreal.

Find out the whole report and why it could leave PlayStation 4 and Xbox One trailing behind before they even launch.

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wtopez1735d ago

^ What a compelling argument you make.

inveni01735d ago

The graphics card companies can make any tech they'd like, but if developers don't use it, the tech won't be making anything "obsolete". It's not obsolete until it's been replaced.

kingduqc1735d ago


G sync is available for every game ever made, if you did not understand that you are not really well informed on the subject.

ShinMaster1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Most on Steam people are running integrated graphics.
The minimum GPU required for this will be the GeForce 650Ti Boost. There are monitor compatibility issues making the only way to get G-SYNC will be to buy a modded Asus VG248QE. That or wait until sometime next year.

I don't think people know the meaning of the word obsolete. Especially if you're mainly a PC gamer. Your world is different than a console gamer's. You care too much about some things that console gamers do not stress about.


Except for those games made specifically for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo platforms... so in other words, no. Not for "every game ever made."

Eonjay1735d ago

The PS4/Xbox One will have no problems dominating. The reason is because Nvidia's technology, while state of the art, is so far from average discretionary spending that it wont matter. It the same reason why Aston Martins aren't mass market vehicles.

Lest we forget that Gaikai is powered by Nvidia...
We begin to realize that Nvidia has more invested in consles than meets the eye.

Dee_911735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

But i thought everything nvidia has been releasing since the ps4 and xbone was announced has made next gen consoles"obsolete" according to nvidia?So is this what makes it obsolete, or does everything else make it obsolete, or does everything nvidia do from now on makes next gen consoles obsolete?

These are rhetorical questions btw.

kingduqc1735d ago


That's only a matter of time. Plus it was reffering to him talking about how it can't be useful if dev don't use it when actually has nothing to do with that.

I live close to montreal and got the chance to be there at nvidia's showcase. I actually seen it hands on and I truthfully believe g-sync is one of the things upcoming for gaming that is a game changer. And that's coming from someone who has a great 2560*1440 monitor and a rig with sli 770. (that and oculus, but that's another story)

But im sure you will be fine without it, after all your standard are so low you won't even notice.

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Magicite1735d ago

Nvidia trying hard to make next-gen console obsolete. Not going happen.

pete0071735d ago

no, youre wrong, they allready are obsolete

MidnytRain1735d ago

They're trying hard to improve PC gamers' experience.

deecee331734d ago

Technically speaking, the consoles are based on less than state of the art hardware at this point, but it doesn't matter. Even if development tools allow pc devs to code to the metal like console devs, the big selling points of consoles are 1) A static hardware configuration that always works, 2) Ease of use and 3) The cost as compared to the experience- it's relatively cheap and easy to play great games on consoles. That is why they exist.

To call them obsolete is to entirely miss the point and the value proposition of the console as a product. And this is coming from a PC gamer, so no fanboyism here at all. I just wish the authors of these articles would realize the larger point of the console as a software delivery device and a viable business proposition for these consumer electronics companies.

HammadTheBeast1735d ago

Here's the thing. Not every one of your friends is shelling out $1300 for a gaming PC. $400, or even $300 in a bit isn't too bad.

Gaming is funner with friends. And the exclusives make it well worth the price.

So keep your cool graphics cards, you'll be playing alone anyways.

solar1735d ago

im sure anyone can make a friend with the 55 million users on Steam.

DomceM1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

you are poor we get it. its cool. Dont be hating.

webeblazing1734d ago

huh I hear this all the time are you trying to say pc don't have exclusives.

HammadTheBeast1734d ago

Lol domce.

I have a fully built gaming rig. I still don't play it as much as I do with PS3.

Maybe gets a job and stop leaching off your mom and then talk.

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2cents1735d ago

So now the pc gamers finally have a reason to be thankful to consoles. Finally the benefits of certain aspects of games development and console functionality (buy it and it just works) can be implemented into the far more time, resource and technical requirement heavy pc platform.

Simpler accessibility and setup for the end user and easier and more powerful tools for development.

This coming generation of gaming is really going to start to balloon. I fear that both the One and PS4 will struggle to make it 10years if the pc continues to flex the way it is currently. When the latest pc gubbins becomes affordable it will be a very tempting alternative, especially if game devs segregate console and pc development to really take advantage of all the power that is soon to be unleashed.

DDR4 is coming soon so that does the Ones memory. Then there is talk of GDDR6 so...

The idea of gaming is that of playing and detaching oneself from the real world for a time. These things mean nothing when you nail that headshot from across the map with a sniper rifle while in mid air or pulling off a dragon punch in street fighter for the first time. Regardless of what platform we play on our enjoyment will be no less as imagination is a powerful thing. Being 'lost' in the game is what it's all about.

Bring on new tech and experiences, all it brings is a wealth of choices for us, the real difficulty is choosing which one to play first!

thisismyaccount1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

I´v never had any tearing since i finished Half Life 2 (v-sync, steady 60fps). Right now this new tech only seems to work with TN-Panels.... who the hell wants to play Crysis 4 at 1440p on a TN monitor ?

I´m not going to throw my 30" IPS or PVA montior out of the window, only because Nvidia said so.

Since this new tech is meant for new monitors, nothing will stop anyone from connecting a wii u, box 1 or PS4 and enjoy "a smoother experience; 30+fps(45)".

Besides, from a noob POV, this looks like it´s going to be a "cache" for monitors. Like HD have 64mb these days.. few years ago most HD had 8mb.. more space means less caching (smoother).

In other words, we have to see if this does not increase the input lag a bit or not. Big announcement ? Not really... has potential but nothing more.

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1735d ago
ForgivenZombie1735d ago

We get it, you're a pc gamer. Move along.

DA_SHREDDER1735d ago

by the time the cost of this new hardware is cheap enough for most people to buy, the ps5 and xbone2 will already be implementing this new hybrid of tech. Just like old crappy lcd tvs used to cost $2000 bucks but the same sized tvs now only cost $350 bucks for an LED. Until then first party publishers will no doubt be making AAA titles that pc gamers wish they had on their pcs and visa versa.

Feralkitsune1735d ago

Um, sorry, but it uses currently existing tech. The only thing that will be different will be the monitors have the chip inside that interacts with current GPUs.

pete0071735d ago

the only problem is that nvidia is not releasing such device to amd based cards or apus,

Imp0ssibl31735d ago

Next gen didn't wow me as much as I expected it would, the G-sync is just making the steam machines even more appealing.
What advantages do next gen consoles even have compared to stream machines?

SuperBlur1735d ago

exclusives , which is what has always set them apart.

Alexious1735d ago

Personally I'll go with PS4 (for the exclusives) and PC with G-SYNC.

sorane1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Except console exclusives can't hold a candle to PC exclusives. Console exclusives are pretty much 2 overdone genres the usual third person action game and generic shooter with 6-8 hour campaigns. Nothing special about either really. PC on the other hand has whole genres that are exclusive along with plenty of third person action games and fps to play. Best of both worlds.

SuperBlur1735d ago

@sorane , let's just agree to disagree , i find that Sony , MS and Nintendo make great exclusives games .

Nerdmaster1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

I'm primarily a PC gamer. But to be fair, Nintendo's exclusives are very different from what we can get on PC. There isn't a single game on PC that's like Rhythm Heaven, Wario Ware, Smash Bros, Rune Factory, or even Pokémon.

That's why Nintendo's consoles and portables are the first ones I buy. Some months (or years) later I think about Sony's consoles, depending on the exclusives that were released. I only bought a PS3 when Heavy Rain was released.

I don't even consider Microsoft's consoles. It's exclusives are all FPS or racing. And like those there are tons on PC. (And the 3RL fiasco - and how badly they handled the situation - crushed any trust I had in them).

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Alexious1735d ago

Well, Steam Machines are mainly aimed at the TV/living room environment while G-SYNC will be for quite a while an exclusive for monitors.

gamernova1735d ago

PC gaming is far more advanced than console gaming but console gamers don't care. These articles strive to malk them feel inadequate and although I'm a PC gamer, I don't think that's right. To each their own. Now let me get a g sync monitor at 1440p please. :)

sobekflakmonkey1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

I'm usually a console gamer, but I do have a pretty beast gaming rig, and I switch back and forth between PC and PS3, gonna be the same thing when the PS4 comes out, Battlefield 4 for PC, Killzone: Shadow Fall for PS4, you get the idea.

Still don't know why people have to act like dicks to one another..

AD7051735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Yet everyday on this site we hear

"ps4 has betta grafix zen xboxs"


"xboxs haz betta grafix zenz ps4zzzzzz"

then go on to talk about how great their features are when they can do them already on the other devices and things they own.

So obviously console gamers do care for that.