Unlock the Achievement starts today

Xbox360fanboy writes:

Announced last week, 360Sync's Unlock the Achievement contest starts today. Dozens of 360 community websites around the web are participating and there are many, many prizes up for grabs. You can head over to the official site to get registered and see which sites are participating.

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LevDog3886d ago

YAY I get to unlock New achievments and get a higher gamerscore.. I cant wait to tell all the girls at the bar how many achievments I unlocked, They will get a kick outta how high my gamerscore is.. Now maybe Ill get some, I was getting worried there for awhile.. But now with my new achievments and higher gamerscore they will be sure to flock.. Thanx 360 for giving me the skills to pick up girls



DriftMax3886d ago

This man speaks the truth, you are my idol LevDog, every time I see you post I will shower you in hugs and kisses.

You dig?

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