Read+Watch+Listen: Bonus material for Grand Theft Auto V fans

GamesBeat: Not sure what to do now that you’ve finished GTA V? We’re here to help with some related works.

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JeffGrubb1728d ago

Love this kinda stuff. Insanely, I've still never seen Heat. Gonna fix that soon.

Sadie21001728d ago

Heat is incredible! I think one of the all-time best crime/heist dramas. Of course, you're getting some damn fine acting from De Niro and Pachino.

Tolkoto1728d ago

I don't get Drive. I really, really disliked that movie.

jounceman1728d ago

Drive was cool, but nothing I care to see again.

Heat on the other hand...a stellar masterpiece featuring two of film's best crime actors of all time. Enough said right there.