1UP Previews: The Bourne Conspiracy - We check in on the PS3/360 superspy game

1UP writes: "Our previous preview of The Bourne Conspiracy gave you details about its basic mechanics. We discussed how this licensed product mashes multiple genres -- fighting, driving, and shooting -- into one game in an attempt to re-create the Bourne experience viewers have come to know from the films. Recently, we got a chance to go hands-on with the work-in-progress, digitally rendered spy.

The game's good motion capturing ensures that fights look smooth, but we're disappointed by how clumsy the controls felt as we worked our way through brawls. Jason Bourne is capable of pulling off various combos, which enemies will learn to recognize -- and adapt to -- if you repeat them. But we couldn't get the hang of it; maybe our timing sucked. We sure didn't feel like a superspy when we were getting hit in the face by some random security guard. And while you can deflect enemy blows by holding down the block button, we would've liked the ability to side step attacks."

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