The Effects Of Release Date Delays

It’s a common occurrence these days: a game gets announced a year in advance of its projected release date, information on the game follows what seems to be a calculated market strategy, but as the release nears that stream of information slows and we end up at the inevitable delaying of the game. It seems just about every major release (and many not so major ones) end up following a similar pattern. Just this month, we’ve seen two high profile, seemingly very complete games get delayed out of this year, and pushed to next spring. When we find gamers rage and see reports of companies stocks dropping in the wake of game delays, it’s tough not to wonder what kind of effect a delay has on any given game.

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ABeastNamedTariq1761d ago

My problem with the delays of DC and WD is that they waited until a month before release. That, in my opinion, is some pure f***ery. I'm buying them both, lol, but still. Usually, at least as far as I can recall, delays were announced a good three or more months before the game comes out. NOT one month before. This is the time some people finalize what games they want. Now you go and screw it all up.

Don't mind me, I'm just complaining. Everything I just said is meaningless, because I'm still buying them both. Hopefully they have lots of extra goodies since they have this extra time.

1761d ago