Watch Dogs – Self Destruct or Not?

6aming's Jamie voices his opinion on the recent delay of Watch Dogs. Will it hurt the open-world game?

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GarrusVakarian1612d ago

Sigh, its been delayed, not cancelled.

theXtReMe11612d ago

This was my most anticipated launch title. I can't help to be a little bit more disappointed than most. I am for the game getting an extra coat of polish, if that was what the delay was for. If I find out that the delay was done to give assassins creed a boost from original sales figures, then I will be upset.

Both Sony and Microsoft have to be livid over this. This game, was kind of the gateway opening for the next generation of hardware. Announced back in 2012 at E3, people were amazed at what the next-generation was going to bring them. This was sort of the poster child for that.

So when this game releases, it should be running at 1080p and 60 frames per second, with zero screen tearing and an engaging story. Because, with this delay, there will be no excuses for anything less than stellar performance. That is the double edge sword with any delay. People will expect perfection. Especially with the extra six months of development time they're giving to themselves.

So, I still cannot wait for this title to be released. I just hope it is all that it's been portrayed to be, when it finally does come out.