Tearaway Has Gone Gold

With all the hype surrounding the PlayStation 4 right now, Media Molecule have given PlayStation Vita users a good reason to be excited!

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grailly1800d ago

I completely forgot this was coming out this year, great news :D I hope I'll find some time and money to fit this between the next-gen games

abzdine1800d ago

november 22nd in europe.
already pre-ordered i cant wait

Nabbic1800d ago

I preordered this months ago.
Usually I wouldn't preorder unless there's some great bonus content, but Media Molecule are one of those few companies that you can honestly feel safe setting high expectations for (plus, I really want those LBP costumes).

BrezzyTv1800d ago

Agreed, Media Molecule never disappoints

r211800d ago

The game oozes creativity and fun, I expect most vita owners to buy this game, it will be extremely ashamed to see this not become a hit amongst vita fans.

jek71800d ago

i have a vita but i won't buy this game. just not my cup of tea

Knushwood Butt1799d ago

This looks great but I feel it's going to get overlooked unless they back it up with a big marketing campaign.

gunboss2011799d ago

Pre ordered long time ago. Media molecule never disappoints, that's why i trust them (plus LBP alr impressed me). Looking forward to it !!