AMD Radeon R9 290X Review Leaked Ahead of Launch – Tested in Various Games With Eyefinity

AMD’s Radeon R9 290X flagship graphic card is supposed to launch this week but a few websites accidentally posted the review of the card on their sites today. The complete review of the R9 290X by was leaked which provides us a list of gaming benchmarks showcasing the performance of AMD’s next generation graphic card.

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TacticAce1647d ago

Why the hell would they include all of those sli and crossfire benchmarks, it's almost as if they did that intentionally to make the card look bad and at the bottom of the list...

Coach_McGuirk1647d ago

because it's a review, and not some sales pitch.. i appreciate seeing all of the configurations and where gpus stand against multi-gpu configs.

Software_Lover1647d ago

Wow. Beats Titan in many aspects, but that power usage?

ATi_Elite1647d ago

That's all very cool but ummm, How much will it cost?

GTX780 is really overpriced and if R9 290x can come in around $499 that would be great!

Software_Lover1647d ago

it said 649.00. hopefully its cheaper