Halo 5: What’s Next for Master Chief

"With the Xbox One launching in less than a month, we thought it would be a great time go over our personal wish list for Master Chief’s next generation outing." - BootHammer

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Lalanana1732d ago

Halo 5 will be selling a bunch of units for Microsoft. I can already see it now.

Halo the proven system seller. Now add next gen xbox one.

Drewidian1732d ago

What will be interesting to me is how they plan on integrating the Halo TV Show produced by Stephen Spielberg with the game. It would be cool to be eternally immortalized in the show if you won a tournament by having your personal gamer tag or Spartan show up. I could even see them having weekly competitions in which the winner gets a special credit after the following week's show or even a Skyped interview. It could become very interesting.

christocolus1732d ago

nice, that would be awesome..hey you shouldnt be should be at ms giving them nice ideas like this one..

christocolus1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

im kind of hapy its coming out next 343 more time to get used to the new hardware and craft a wonderful game using all the features of the xbox one ..and after seeing the trailer of ryse and the in game photo of quantum wouldnt be too far fetched to assume that the halo 5 trailer shown way back at e3 was actually running realtime on the xbx one using the in game engine ..that would be awesome if true though.its 343 so it is very possible.

ContraCode1732d ago

I agree as well the more time they have the better it will be. Let Xbox One get out there and get established and release it next holiday season.

I would love to see a darker Halo as well...retribution for Cortana and a ticked off Master Chief would move some new systems.

BX811731d ago


JohnJ1732d ago

For me I think the story should take a back seat this next halo, let the focus be on fun gameplay - that was the draw of halo for me and why even the original is still very playable now!

Less linear hand holding and more sandbox physics engine playground to create you own experience with a friend.

Open world halo? Halo shared world online?

Got my vote!

1732d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.