PlayStation Memories And How Sony's Brand Changed Me

TSA - "1995 was the year before I started studying for GCSEs. For most of it, I was fourteen years old and like most fourteen-year-olds, I probably felt a little bit out of place. The fact that I was the only ostensibly English kid in a Northern Irish school singled me out as different. I’d moved here with my family (half of which is Northern Irish) three years earlier but my accent never relented much to the nasal cadences around it. I had teachers that regularly mocked my (correct, by the way!) pronunciation of certain words – bigotry was boundless."

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djplonker1796d ago

hey sony I have memorys of this game and it changed me I will never look at a minimalist drawing of a rabbit the same way again (it's a hobby)

remake please?

ANIALATOR1361796d ago

damn I remember that haha

svoulis1796d ago

This video brought back so many feels. I mean Thats how I grew up :D

Thank you Sony.. Good Marketing video

remanutd551796d ago

Exactly, Massive nostalgia in the video but Crash Bandicoot needed to be the game showcasing the psone era and God of War 3 the ps3 era or since they had so many people in the room why not playing LBP 4 players on the same screen?

FarEastOrient1796d ago

They couldn't show Crash because Activision owns that brand now. Really sad since Activision isn't even using the characters.

fredrikpedersen1795d ago

They did have some sounds from Crash though