Crytek's Free FPS Warface Goes Live in North America, Europe and Turkey on GFACE-10-21-2013

Omnigamer writes, "October 21 2013-Warface is now live and playable for free in North America, Europe and Turkey on GFACE. Players can gain instant access to the game by signing up at"

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SirDjss1797d ago

Cant wait to play this, i tried the beta and its awsome fun game , i mean ho complains aboute a fun/free game. well not mee ;P

ATi_Elite1797d ago

Great now I can get off the Russian Servers and play with lower Ping!

Warface is a Huge hit in Russia, lets see how it does over here.

SirDjss1797d ago

Yea, its great fun, but its a game that need good co-op players becouse its really hard. :D i liked it when i eventually had good players to play it with. I game up playing a few times trying with some random people, well see i hope it will work out alright :)and NO i havent used spell check this time eather ;P "kidding"

fossilfern1797d ago

I remember playing this at eurogamer last year and liked it.

webeblazing1797d ago

yea me to. need a new f2p fps. ps2 have too much grinding for me. but then there is a lot of f2p I want that's coming out soon

Stsonic1797d ago

Sorry, something strange happened.

SirDjss1797d ago

Yes it is , i actually uploaded some gameplay of the beta u can have a look :) just utube my name with SirDjss , thats with 2 s :P