Fable Legends to Launch as 'Season One', DLC Coming

IGN:The game director has revealed that Fable Legends has a planned lifespan of years, thanks to episodic content.

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GentlemenRUs1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

In other words... Prepare to fork out more cash then intended...

I hate how this is becoming the norm of video games, It just seems to me like a milkfest...

They could have made the whole thing in a few years but no, They have to try and milk every single penny from it...

hellzsupernova1764d ago

Agreed it is bad for us core gamers just let me pay a certain amount for everything don't nickel and dime me

JokesOnYou1763d ago

Well don't we have to wait to see the price point vs how much *quality content is on offer before we know if its being "milked"?

malokevi1764d ago

Hmm, dont know how to feel about this. I wouldn't jump to conclusions, though. Maybe they actually have more content planned than they can release at once.

I just hope that they don't plan on rushing the game out, and justifying it with "seasons". I would rather they take their time with it.

This game is definitely still high on my radar. Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5, this, Quantum, and whatever Black Tusk is working on. I would love to have more info on each of them.

Rainstorm811763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

One of the XBox games im actually interested in not aa fan of stretching out a single game over years tho

come_bom1763d ago

If it's episodic content with the quality of Telltale Games, then it's a good idea.

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kingdip901764d ago

So that's fable and killer instinct that each have episodic releases that are being called "seasons?" Interesting buisness model.

Lets hope that they sell well and support isn't dropped mid way, its bad enough when cbs cancel seasons I'm into I'd hate to see that happen to games to.

SliceOfTruth8881764d ago

if season one comes out for 19.99 and then the next year season 2 comes out for 19.99 and then the 3rd year 19.99. You would have 3 years of gameplay for the price of one single game.....How is this milking every penny?

sloth33951764d ago

chances are that the games would be small so your not getting that much for the price

kingdip901764d ago

Your assuming that each installment will provide a years worth of entertainment. 19.99 sounds awesome for a years play but what about 19.99 for a weeks?

Say I bought fable 1 for $60 and then a few years later I paid $60 for fable two, I have paid $120 for two seperate games one with updated everything that at the time makes me believe my investment is worth while.

However if I pay 19.99 every year for 6 years it becomes close to $120 for one game engine, one set of physics all for "extended" episodes of story.... dlc is cheaper than that and dlc is lazy also

jay21764d ago


XboxFun1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Another bit of nice variety in the already impressive library of the Xbox One. I would really like to see more of tis game and see how it works in action.

And here's hoping that they have a Fable 4 somewhere in development too.

As for this DLC now being referred to as season pass....tsk tsk, I can see a lot of companies doing this. As long as it's not required.

Love the trailer by the way.

christocolus1763d ago

that trailer was so much fun..cant wait. the dev said the game would last the entire xbx one life span its sort of an mmo instead of expansions youve got just means they will keep adding more to the story and evolving the game world to add replayability, new stories,abilities,quests heroes and villains..imo its a great idea and i feel this will become one of the first games to really utilise xbx live compute ...i also wonder what their other ip could be? is really mixing up their ips with a lot of variety..i know mgs osaka has the jrpgs covered and rare is definitly working on the platformers/adventure games....nice.

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