The power of the crowd: how critical and consumer feedback made Xbox One a contender again

Edge:At August’s Gamescom conference Sony Computer Entertainment’s Andrew House gloated that “while others have shifted their message and changed their story, we were consistent in maintaining policies and a model that is fair and in tune with consumer desires”.

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smoothop1647d ago

MS have been great for the industry, i'll always be grateful that they pushed online gaming forward on consoles. I always had faith in them to deliver with Xbox and they are, its nice to know that Sony are there also driving the competition. Both companies learn from each other and its great, roll on next gen, happy gaming to anyone getting either console.

Gaming_Guru1647d ago

I would say Dreamcast pushed online gaming, just that the XBOX games could not be copied using a computer like the Dreamcast games. Plus the Dreamcast was upgradable to a certain extent.

smoothop1647d ago

You got a point, i'm just saying that MS really got it going big time. I loved Dreamcast awesome console for its time. Can't wait to get Xbox though, might even get a PS4 this gen as I don't want to miss out on any great games.

felidae1646d ago

remember Peter Moore?

as far as i know he's been the one responsible for Sega's Dreamcast and Microsoft's Xbox.

Nabbic1647d ago

Actually, Sega were the ones who started the initial push, Microsoft did practically nothing in these regards.

Naga1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Now, now. That's not true at all. While I absolutely adored my Dreamcast, and was right along with Sega when they were pushing online, he is right to the extent that Microsoft really turned Sega's dream into a full-fledged reality with Xbox Live.

So in a way, yeah. Probably would not have happened without Sega's ingenuity and vision. But Microsoft carried that torch leaps and bounds beyond where it was set down when the Dreamcast exited stage left.

Belking1647d ago

Not true. Without MS Dreamcast wouldn't of been the same. They are the one's who pushed for the on board modem and help supply the dev tools for the console.

swerve1211647d ago

Probably the most un bias thing I ever heard on N4G

Xwow20081647d ago

"“They maybe have a little more GPU,” says Lobb. “We have eSRAM [embedded memory] and crazy bandwidth to that eSRAM. Which is going to be better in the long run from a developer [perspective]"

lol they are saying eSRAM will be better than Gddr5 in the long run. MS just keep defending inferior technology.

Naga1647d ago

A month away, man. Can we just give the fanboying a rest and let the games do the talking?

I mean, looking at Ryse, Forza, DR3 and the other games... I don't really think people will really mind the "inferior technology". So long as the games are good, and the experience is solid, let's just be happy. No need to go hating on whatever console you aren't buying.

smoothop1647d ago

People are always claiming bullcrap mate when they don't even know how both consoles hardware works. There is no point in going into it as people just bash you anyway. You're right though this pointless war is just getting in the way of people actually getting on and talking about the game and other stuff.

christocolus1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

you cant just be quiet for once and appreciate an unbiased just had to find a way to bring your fanboyism into this too.


you just hit the nail on the rock dude.

Cherchez La Ghost1647d ago


Don't start with the fanboyism. This thread is being classy with comments so far from everyone.

MasterCornholio1647d ago

Cerny did talk about using eSRAM with a bandwidth of 1000 GB per second but he decided against it because he thought it would be worse for developers.

Its interesting to hear each sides story on the ram. Only time will tell who is right on the issue.

Nexus 7 2013

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christocolus1647d ago

great article... i look forward to seeing how this all plays out. good job edge...good job.

boeso1647d ago

Question to N4G'ers:

If Microsoft announced the X1 with the awful policies it tried to but the X1 was more powerful than the PS4, say 50% more, would you put up with the DRM for more power? Or would you protest like we did before, and get them changed?

andrewsqual1646d ago

Its hard to say as Microsoft only finally started officially talking about the power of their hardware in August, 6 months after Sony stated PS4 was using GDDR5.
Anybody who had the Xbox One preordered before the 180 (was it around 20th June maybe), doesn't deserve any thanks for Microsoft fixing the problems (I'm not referring to you or anything but those people know who they are)

rainslacker1646d ago

I would protest. Nothing about the initial policies are anywhere close to how I think gaming should be.

I like ownership of the games I purchase. I like that people aren't excluded because they aren't in some sort of elitist bubble of having internet. MS policies were about control and doing things their way. I like having choice. That won't change just because of more power.

I had money saved for both systems before they were ever revealed.

My decision to buy a PS4 was not based on power, it was based on Sony's track record of delivering reliable hardware and unparalleled software support throughout(and after) every generation.

My decision to not buy a X1 was not based on power, it was based on what I viewed as a completely underhanded position by MS to try and control a market that should remain as open as possible for the benefit of all.

MS's initial policies with the X1 only reminded me how underhanded they can be in trying to control consumers. This is something they've done a lot in the past, long before they got into gaming. They've tried to improve their image, and become better perceived by the public, but the initial policies show that it's business as usual at MS, and gave me absolutely no faith that they wouldn't try again in a more pleasing, if not deceptive manner. If anything it has made me even more skeptical of MS. Because of this, they have a long way to go to make me want to support them.

boeso1646d ago

Yeah totally agree. I was trying to understand why people are sticking with their guns and ordering an X1 when they've had shit shovelled in their faces. Ah well.

I think they've been smart in getting rid of the controversies pretty quickly and asking for forgiveness over time. A lot of people have forgotten what they did so its worked to an extent. Annoys me when theres Sony who've been rock solid with their policies and aren't being praised enough.

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