Dragon’s Dogma Director Wants to Make a Sequel on PS4, Also Rival Schools 3 and Devil May Cry 5

Dragon’s Dogma Game Director Hideaki Itsuno has quite a few ideas for the future, not only for the Dragon’s Dogma franchise but also for a few other beloved Capcom IPs like Rival Schools and Devil May Cry.

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Nyxus1856d ago

Devil May Cry 5, please make it happen!

BiggCMan1855d ago

I would love this so much! I personally didn't like DmC, though it did get good ratings. It was a fine game, I just didn't like the sick and twisted route it took. A real DMC 5 would just make next gen glorious.

AND DRAGON'S DOGMA SEQUEL PLEEEEEEASE!!!! I WOULD KILL FOR THIS!!!! That game is one of my favorite new I.Ps this gen, it is such an amazing game.

Deep Down looks fantastic though, at first I thought it may have been a sequel or something cuz it is a similar game. But it will hold me over till they decide to make Dogma 2.

MWong1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Give me a new Dragon's Dogma. Was my fav RPG of the year. Don't try to get crazy, improve on what made the first game a success. Wouldn't mind a Rival Schools 3 either.

abzdine1855d ago

Rival Schools?? i never thought i will hear that title again.
Please make it happen!
Also a Maximo with Deep Down engine would severely kick ass.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1855d ago

I think its time to start a fing petition.

MysticStrummer1855d ago

Dragon's Dogma would interest me greatly. Those other titles don't do much for me.

UnHoly_One1855d ago

Dragon's Dogma is my favorite game of the entire console generation. It's like it was made just for me.

And it only got better with the new content in Dark Arisen.

Please please please give us a proper sequel, and don't change a bunch of things.

Sevir1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

DmC wasn't any more sick and twisted than the other games! DmC was fantastic and its story was far more coherent and better than all the other DMCs of the past... I still hold DMC3 as the best in terms of gameplay and action, but DmC was great in action and Excellent in story and pacing.

Personally speaking I dont think fans even want DMC anymore, they slept on DMC4 which was an exact carbon copy of DMC3 in gameplay, sans better graphics, and they crucified DmC for being a reboot!

Itsuno-san worked on all the DMCs along side Kamiya before he left and went to P*. And he was very much apart of the formula that made DmC with Ninja Theory.

Honestly, I'd love a DmC2 but since Capcom is no longer out sourcing games to the western development, the sales figures only broke even and the unwarranted fan backlash, they should just leave the IP alone and shelve it. create a New IP in the spirit of DMC and go in a new direction.

I'd Kill to see a Rival Schools 3 come state side! the fighting mechanics were awesome. I dont really care for Dragon's Dogma!

ZodTheRipper1855d ago

DMC? Not really interested
Dragon's Dogma? Hell yeah

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Snookies121856d ago

Yay Devil May Cry 5! Bring back the old series!

Abriael1856d ago

As long as no western developers are involved this time around.

Personally, though, I'm even more interested in Rivals Schools 3.

Rivals Schools and Project Justice were fantastic back in the PlayStation/Dreamcast days.

ZHZ901855d ago

Devil May Cry 5 and Rival Schools 3/Project Justice 2! Yes yes!

Make it happen. :)

Sevir1855d ago

LOL i have to laugh when fans say yay DMC5. DMC4 was an exact carbon copy of DMC3 in terms of game play. and yet Fans Slept on that game but turn around and want the same thing for DMC5... They need to shelve it! or continue with the reboot but even that seems unlikely given the unnecessary fan backlash and the lower than expected sales.

Great action game, with a better more coherent story and excellent pacing and acting due to motion capture...

at this point i think the people running capcom needs to be changed and get some people with forward thinking development principles and better writers, along with some backbone. because what they are doing currently shows that they are out of touch!

Kyosuke_Sanada1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

I wouldn't say "carbon copy" per se because the fourth installment introduced on-the-fly Trick System switching which eliminated the need of a menu to change styles and Nero's arm introduced "takedowns" when an enemy is dizzy similar to God of War except less no button prompts and more mashing O which were both positive additions in my opinion. Then there's the Red Queen weapon which I also added another dimension to gameplay due to the charge attacks which also require perfect timing to execute full damage (When flames followed a strike to create an "Extra" Attack" and don't let me get started with Pandora's Box a complete original weapon{s} altogether.

Devil May Cry 4's biggest folly was the execution because the game basically regurgitated areas and enemies which was also a habit in the previous installments but not in such as a grand scale.

Also alot of people asked for a continuation of Devil May Cry 2 but really felt Nero may take the mantle of Dante in future installments which wouldn't have been bad if Dante was given an awesome send off. They could have taken the Resident Evil route for the later installments and have two completely separate campaigns instead of a giant one treading the same grounds.

DMC could have flourished if that released a Devil May Cry 5 to instill the fanbase that Ninja Theory's version wasn't going to be a replacement. Its the reason why Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance sold okay because everyone knew that Kojima wasn't going to make series take such a drastic turn.

MrSwankSinatra1855d ago

Please explain to me How fans slept on DMC4 when it was the best selling game In the series?

Sevir1855d ago


DMC4 was not the best selling. The game shipped 2.5 million copies worldwide and sold 1.9 million units across the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC later on. DMC3 was the highest grossing and selling game within that franchise with the game even seeing a special rerelease both locallyin japan and western releases.

You forgot. The whole reason for the reboot in the first place was because capcom wasnt happy and satisfied with DMC4 comercial performance. Itsuno himself even said that the game sold less than expected and that it didnt top DMC3's numbers.

Fans bitched about Nero, complained about Dante and that the game was filled with back tracking.

From a game play perspective, DMC4 felt just like DMC3 in that it was fast frentic and highly stylized, sans the additions made to streamline Dante with on the fly style changes and Nero's sick Devil Bringer mechanic. Like i said Fans Slept on the game even though they got a DMC game in the same vein as DMC3.

GrandpaSnake1855d ago

a forgotten fighter nice! DMC well... bring it on.

Baka-akaB1855d ago

Just bring all three games

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