Rockstar dev working on "next version of famous IP", signs suggest a next gen Red Dead

The eagle-eyes behind AllGamesBeta have spied a listing on the LinkedIn profile of Rockstar New England employee Doron Feinstein, which mentions the "next version of a famous IP", in development since at least September 2010. Could John or Jack Marston be getting ready to ride again?

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Lalanana1794d ago

Wow, just thinking of red dead sequel on next gen is too much to handle..this game will be epic whenever it comes out.

MWong1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

I have been waiting for a sequel to RDR. I need to skin a bobcat again. After it's success, I figured RockStar would have quickly released a 2nd installment. Hopefully, it will be even bigger than GTA5 on next-gen consoles.

Marcello1794d ago

R* havent announced anything so far for next year when normally we know by this time, which is a tad worrying. RDR2 is defo on the cards but R* seem to like 5 year dev cycles so by that we prob wont see it till 2015. With that thou we are going to a new gen & that tends to throw how things are done up in the air so for now we play the waiting game.

CaptainFaisal1794d ago

I bet its Midnight Club !!! since they just recently renewed the IP this year and its been along time since they released one. And if you noticed R* love 5 year cycles! so i doubt RD will be 2014 probably 2015! however i am sure its Midnight Club its weird no one thought of that! im pretty excited for both!

3-4-51794d ago

I regret never finishing RDR....

I returned it at some point when I was about 85% done probably...

Then about 5 months later somebody posted the ending without hiding the Spoiler and I yea.....

I can't wait for a new RDR though.....

I think I kind of liked it better than Grand Theft.

The pacing was way better.

amnalehu1794d ago

Pretty sure it will be RDR. I really enjoyed it on PS3 although it was surprisingly dark...

ZBlacktt1794d ago

I would so day one..... again.

GarrusVakarian1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Day one? Try minute one, standing at the midnight launch queue first in line.

ZBlacktt1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Total srs, this was the second game I'd ever pre orderd in all the years they've had pre orders and midnight release in video gaming. My first was MGS4. I only pre order games I've done a great deal of research on and know to be something really special. Aside from MGS games because been with that since 98. But yeah... RDR story was so incredibly good.

Pictures I took from the mid night release when I got home.

You see 1:02am on the clock on the screen in back. That's the minute I got home, lol.

Before RDR came out, RockStar had a Facebook online mini RDR shoot out game. I worked my way to become #1 in the world on it. Which took a lot of time. Because it was a very famous title coming at the time. I gained a great deal of good gamer friends on Facebook from this game.

When I took first place over:

About when I retired because I couldn't be beat at that point.

Player look up when I was #3 in the world.

djplonker1794d ago

I prefered rdr to gtav it was somthing different!

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The story is too old to be commented.