I'm Holding Off On PS4 And Xbox One, And You Should Too

GR - "In just a few weeks' time, Sony and Microsoft will be unleashing their next-gen consoles on the world, laying waste to the wallets of millions of gamers who simply can't resist new hardware. Believe it or not, I'm not one of them, as I have yet to pre-order either console and have no intention of getting either this year. Fortunately, my role here at GameRevolution affords me the luxury of waiting—the same of which can't be said for our Reviews Editor, Daniel Bischoff, or our Senior Editor, Nick Tan—so I'm not jumping on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One bandwagon just yet."

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Wizziokid1764d ago

"I'm Holding Off On PS4 And Xbox One, And You Should Too"

But Killzone: SF tells me I should buy a PS4

pedrof931764d ago

The quanity of opinion articles like these is extremely frustating.

Lalanana1764d ago

They are opinions. You do not have to read them.

Some people like to hear other people's opinion on things.

pedrof931764d ago



Did I said that I read it ?
Did I said that these articles are unnecessary ?

I just said that the amount of articles like these every week is FRUSTRATING.

Mr Pumblechook1764d ago

"I'm Holding Off On PS4 And Xbox One, And You Should Too"

NO. If you don't want to buy a next-gen console at launch that is your choice but don't tell others what to do. Plenty of people on N4G are counting the days until they get a brand new Xbone or PS4 and I am one of them.

amnalehu1764d ago

I'm buying a PS4 day one and you should too... whats next?

GarrusVakarian1764d ago

"I'm Holding Off On PS4 And Xbox One, And You Should Too"

No thanks.

Drewidian1764d ago

I'm buying an Xbox One for other reasons than just gaming.
My wife wants to exercise with her family and friends and Skype with them for motivation (I'm the real winner there). While I actually want Forza, Dead Rising, and Rise, my parents and brother want to Skype to my kids in the living room for various reasons. I am looking forward to using it for the TV services since MS has already demoed it with Comcast and that is my service provider.

While I can understand this person's reasons for not wanting to buy these consoles at launch, I do want it, and waiting 5-6 months when some of the games I want to play will come at launch doesn't fit my needs. To be honest, if I was just interested in the gaming, I might agree with him.

4logpc1764d ago

Nope. Killer Instinct will be mine.

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The story is too old to be commented.