Epic: Valve can guide consoles to a more "enlightened path"

Epic's Tim Sweeney believes that Valve's Steam operating system and Steam-branded hardware could have a positive influence over the console companies.

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GirlOnFire1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Being tied down isn't bad for console gamers. When we get the next gen it is always exciting. When you upgrade our own machine its different feeling. It's all about power for PC according to comments on every website from PC players.
Sorry I changed comment..

4logpc1734d ago

How does a PC with different specs designed to fit under a tv, influence consoles that are all designed to have the same hardware. They are totally different products.

DeadlyFire1734d ago

Its not the specs that he is talking about. Its the red tape that console developers go through to put out updates, patches, DLC, and so on out to consumers. They believe with SteamOS its more direct with noone telling them when to expect their update to be done with certification. Everything submitted to XBL and PSN under goes alot of scanning and checking before it actually gets a greenlight to be put out in an update.

123pol1734d ago

yeah steam come on ! . teach sony and MS all about drm , teach them that owning your game and consumer right is bull.

GmIsOnPt3601734d ago

Funny thing is people hated steam and valve when it first all sunshine and rainbows

Fairchild Channel F1734d ago

Ya I remember the HUGE backlash when it shipped with Half Life 2.

DeadlyFire1734d ago

People fear change and new things.

now they are over that. Well most of them.

barb_wire1734d ago

So, basically an upgradable console? What's the point? I'll stick to upgrading my PC, that's what's it there for.. the console is supposed to be closed, true plug and play IMO - I don't want to have go out and buy more memory cause a new console game calls for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.