EpicDome: The Stanley Parable Review (PC, 2013)

The Illusive Man says:"There lied The Illusive Man on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Not intrigued by the slew of early NFL games, he decided to play a video game. Not just any video game, a new video game. So, he went to store.steampowered .com. He had the website bookmarked, but found it easier to type it in and let Autocomplete do its job. While there, he looked for a game called The Stanley Parable. Developed by Davey Wreden and William Pugh, he heard nothing but good things about this game built on the source game engine. He had just got paid, so he easily parted with the $11.99 needed to purchase it. Once the download was completed, he eagerly installed the game. But because he wasn’t an avid PC gamer, he needed a gamepad to comfortably play the game. Also, because he was so accustomed to playing games on a big screen, he connected his laptop to his TV via an HDMI cable. It gave him the illusion of playing a console game, which is all he needed. Shortly after he started...

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