Phantasy Star Online 2 To Skip Western Market Because It Won't Make Money There?

Sega's online RPG Phantasy Star Online 2 might not come to the west, reported by TSSZ who had source that just had direct contact with a Sega employee. PSO2 was localized in English and aimed at all English-speaking players, but the source said Sega might instead just release the game in Asia, particularly the English speaking Asian regions.

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snitch_puck1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

If this is true. At least for us english speakers within the Asian region, I'm still happy. I feel sad for the west though. This IS a game worth playing. Just register a memory card to r3.

Bigpappy1675d ago

If it has monthly fees, then I agree with them. If it does not, then they are making a huge mistake.

1675d ago
lwgt121676d ago

I remember Dragon Nest didn't have a localized european version at first and EU players played the game in south east Asian server. So if PSO2 is not going to have US/EU servers, players might still be able to choose to play in SEA servers.

Feralkitsune1675d ago

You can, I played it at launch for a while. Even had a giant dance party.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1675d ago

Just saying, if Sega doesn't localize, I'm not getting any Sega game again. Not that that'll be hard to do because they don't release anything here but shitty sonic games.

But yeah I'm done with Sega. We were told March 2013, it didn't happen and no reason was given.

DA_SHREDDER1675d ago

This game was the main reason why I wanted to get a vita. Sega thinks that they wont make any money here probably because the fact that they don's have any confidence within their dev team to make a good game. Which really sucks cause even psu on the 360 was a really good game, despite the lack of a good story. It still is a huge game, and if it wasn't a 360 exclusive, or better yet, had it at least just been on the playstation it would have done alot better. Just look at FF14, even after the fact that it was garbage when it first came out, it was an instant hit. Even though it lacked voice chat, which i still dont get why, but Sega really dropped the ball on this one. This was in my top five most anticipated games of this gen. :(

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1675d ago

PSU was on the ps2 and 360. I played in on my ps2 actually. Loved it. It had flaws(mainly story and voice acting), but over all was very solid. Reason it didn't come on ps3 was because the ps3 wasn't even out at that point.

But yeah, PSO2 has massive potential and honestly was the reason I got a new pc. I played the jpn version with the english fan patch, it was fun but it would have been better if I understood everything. It's a shame but Sega is digging itself a grave and they seem to want to take Atlus with 'em too :(

Snookies121675d ago

I'm gonna be pissed if Sega doesn't localize this......

I have a PC and a Vita. So being able to play between the two would have been amazing. Sega is really going down the toilet with stupid decisions.

caseh1675d ago

'Sega is really going down the toilet with stupid decisions.'

Oh that trait goes back a while, right back to the Sega CD and 32x.

matrixman921675d ago

I dont understand why a lot of games dont get it that freaking hard to make it digital only with subtitles. Can they not afford a translator to write it?? Next gen definitely has the capabilities for a lot of digital only releases. No disc production costs, no English voice actor costs...its that simple. Why dont they get it

dark-kyon1675d ago

to me the problem of sega is what they dont know when his games has mass appeal and when are niche,for that when they have a game with potential to sell are afraid what the westerns do not gonna buy.and do not know how sell his niche games in the west.
yakuza --niche
valkirye chronicles--niche
phantasy star--------medium mainstream
sonic----------------mainstre am with kids.

matrixman921675d ago

it shouldnt matter that much though. Even if a game is niche, it will make back the money for the translations most likely. If they go digital, there is very minimal money they have to spend.

Skate-AK1675d ago

Sigh.. Sega.. You are supposed to play Russian Roulette with a revolver, not an AK.

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