2K Announces WWE 2K14 Downloadable Content and Season Pass Program

All the details on the downloadable content 2K will over for WWE 2K14

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reaperman1583d ago

Great news on the DLC content... can't wait to be able to get Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

Juangie31583d ago

I am looking forward to playing as ravishing rick rude.. and the nwo

CJDUNCAN1583d ago

All DLC does is prove to developers that they can get more money out of the consumer. $80 - $100 a game doesn't seem farfetched the way we as consumers keep buying DLC.

DeadlyFire1583d ago

I don't buy that DLC unless its really that damn good. Most of the time it is not. So I never buy unless I am dedicated to buying only one game a year then maybe buy it if its SP story extension or something to keep me from dying of boredom.

curtis921583d ago

Stop generalizing. In some cases, DLC is actually icing on the cake where you're getting more than you would've gotten on the disc by itself. DLC provides more characters than they could fit on the disc and also provides new characters that couldn't fit in because of the cut off dates for final roster. If you don't want to buy it, fine, but stop acting like it's some scheme they hatched.