Square Enix Apologizes for Discriminatory Message Against PS3 Players in FFXIV’s Live Letter

During the latest Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live broadcast, Square Enix created some controversy while showing a “looking for group” in game message board designed to let players advertise their parties and facilitate the recruitment process for dungeons and other activities.

Yesterday they issued an official apology.

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pedrof931760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

I have to agree with the commentary in a way...

awi59511760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

If im raid lead im kicking them. Unless FF has very simple UI and controls; a controller is the wrong way to play a MMO. With all the movement in boss fights and staying out of crap while having to cast for heals, dps, tanking adds or mobs and making sure you attack the right targets in the right order its too much for a controller.

TransientDreamer1760d ago

I played FFXI for over six years exclusively on PS2 and Xbox 360. The controller worked just fine for everything you mentioned.

jerethdagryphon1760d ago

It uses a larger intwrface from dragons dogma its hardly compl3x hold r2 or l2 and dpad and face buttons are labeled atacks targeing is a matter of using the r stick . Load times are slightly longer but not more then someone playing on a lower spec pc. Im on titan hard playing solely ps3 no issues. If you were acting like that I wouldnt want to be in your group anyways.

awi59511760d ago


Oh so it's a very noobish MMO so the fights arent very complex and you cant wipe on a single mistake like on GOOD MMOs ok no problem.

awi59511760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )


Well you cant get server first with a bunch of fail players i only roll with progression guilds not some noob casuals. You cant see the content with bad players thats just a fact of MMOs unless you put in a raid finder like world of warcraft does with a very easy mode.

pkb791756d ago

Haha, I play on my laptop with a controller and ps3 with a controller. The UI is fine. Play WHM and never had any problems. I hate using the same old action bar interface.
Stupid people make bad players not control method. Get of your high horse.

anubusgold1756d ago


You must be from a fail casual guild im from the blood legion guild and console players wont have the huge amount of macros and options a mouse and keyboard player would have and would just be a hindrance overall.

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Tetsujin1760d ago

Before jumping on the "hate" bandwagon, I wonder if they really meant to put something else and was mistakenly put there?

After the countless "JPOnry" statuses from 11 I'd hope in 14 they don't go the same route with console and PC, since they already segregate servers.

papashango1760d ago

Ah the old JP Onry. It's funny I don't see this on NA servers. Though what I do see is people gear checking everyone before a DF starts and seeing "wow someone got carried"

Dante811760d ago Show
Topshelfcheese1760d ago

Best way to beat the JP Onry in FF11 was to be a Bard. They didn't care I didn't know what they were saying. It was extremely boring for me, but it was some efficient leveling.

djplonker1760d ago

I dont have a problem with ps3 players as long as they do thier job properly and if they cant tag just ask someone else to do it!

its some of the pc crowd I dont like (only a small %) they have no patience and are very ignorant and rude tell people to skip cutscences because they want to speed run the last story dungeon.....

Myst1760d ago

I'm on PS3 and found tagging to be quite easy just having to hit the square button ( if I recall correctly? )

gamegenieny1760d ago

Anyone thats played FFXI is used to this. Don't get me wrong there were alot of morons everywhere, but the way some japanese players acted on that game was a little more than just racist. So to see its the same in FFXIV now isn't shocking

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