Almost One Year Gone – Nintendo Wii U Does Not Grow As Expected

It has almost been a year since Nintendo released Wii U, the company’s eight-generation gaming console. Nintendo entered into next-gen gaming with Wii U before any other manufacturer. But the question is, will Wii U be able to keep up with its rivals i.e. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in next-gen race or will it again face tons of various adversities and problems such as lack of game titles, poor graphics, less number of targeted audience, low sales, less developers attention and etc.

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GarrusVakarian1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

To be honest, i saw this coming before it was released. It was unnecessary, many people were still playing and loving the wii. Many others didn't even know it was a separate console, they thought it was a touch screen add on for the wii. And releasing a console that is barely as powerful as current gen in the wake of next gen was an extremely stupid thing to do in my opinion.

Lalanana1760d ago

Nintendo needs to advertise the wii u better this coming holiday. The price cut is there and is helping.
If they advertise aggressively, they will do well this holiday season coming up thanks to the low price and probably kids asking their parents for one.

I won't count the wii u out there.

theeagle1760d ago

Scratching my head on why you get disagrees on this

You made some valid point.


Frisky1760d ago

Obviously advertising and releasing new titles is all Nintendo can do now, they should also set their eyes on what kids want. Because I don't think Nintendo would be able to compete with Xbone and PS4 hardware and graphics wise.

madjedi1760d ago

How the hell is $300 a low price exactly, the ps3/360 are already $250 and then next gens are the new top tier consoles.

The wii u is getting beat at the low end with price and games by the ps3/360 and beat at the high end by the ps4/xbone.

I have said this for over a yr why are nintendo fans expecting the wii u to take off like a rocket.

It's tracking below the gc still $50-100 overpriced, and has less first and third party support than nintendo's previous worst selling console.

Congradulations after several months of horrid sales it finally picked up some(lets see how long it lasts), i think both nintendo and it's fans vastly overestimate it's brand appeal in the console market.

Value is subjective to the user but, nintendo needs to stick to the $200-250 range, because a next gen price for essentially current gen hardware isn't going to cut it. At least not for those of us who don't put nintendo on a pedastool.

bobacdigital1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )


300 is actually a good price when you actually breakdown what you are getting... For parents and even core gamers you are getting bang for your buck if you can use all your old controllers and games..

Off Screen gaming / tablet (No need for TV)
Free Internet Gaming
Packin Game (tendoland / Zombie U / WW / Mario)
Backwards compatibility with old games / Peripherials
Motion Gaming capable out the box

Little things it has over the 360 / ps3 .. Better web browser, N wireless, smaller form factor / power usage, complete off screen gaming with most titles, upgraded GPU.

300 + Tax is price of admission here

Same PS4 Bundle
400 console
60 PSN +
60 Game
60 Camera (Assuming you already have move stuff)
580 + Tax is the price of admission (100 more if you want a X1)

I understand when compared to newer consoles it has smaller hard drive and no bluray (Maybe 100 value).. But everyone and their mother has a bluray drive now so that honestly shouldnt really be a selling point anymore.

Wii U has a lot of value that people simply dont give it credit for .. You can get the WW Bundle + 2 Game, plus Pro Controller, and Credits for the eshop for the same price as the PS4.. even more if compared to xbone..

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Yep1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

"And releasing a console that is barely as powerful as current gen in the wake of next gen was an extremely stupid thing to do in my opinion."

There's no difference in knowledge about the Wii U between you, who still insists is less powerful than current gen, and some of the public, who thinks it might be a peripheral. In fact, you're even worse. You know the Wii U has proven itself to be much more capable than that yet you promote false information anyways lol

Yeah, obviously Nintendo has some work to do in the marketing department, but you didn't have to prove your own intelligence, or lack thereof.

GirlOnFire1760d ago

Are you an Shinagami? You see death with your eyes? Anyways I still have heart for Nintendo but an lesson is learned. They rushed the launch they didn't consider it took double the time to develop their games on the Wii U. Games need to be spread across each month or 2. I'm hoping they catch wind and get more support from fans. ^~^

GirlOnFire1760d ago

Shinagami It's from DeathNote anime sorry for the weird reference. It was an joke.. no one got apparently. :(

3-4-51760d ago

Should have

* Changed name

* Marketed Better

* Launched with games people actually want to play.

- They basically launched with the equivalent of a bunch of indie games.

I want a wii u..not for the hardware...but for Mario 3D World, Super Smash, X, stuff like that

clouds51759d ago

I agree with you. There is always something you could do better when marketing a product.

What you're saying is the ONLY selling point for a console imho. You will always get better hardware with PC. You get the console for the GAMES. And nothing else. That's why the Wii was doing extremly well. That's why the PS3 is doing extremly well right now. And WiiU will do well when the games are good. And so far, they are.

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Wizziokid1760d ago

If Nitendo do the same thing next gen in terms of making a weak system, then it could be there last home console (unless the Wii U seals that fate).

Neonridr1760d ago

Nintendo has more disposable money than Microsoft and Sony combined. They could have several failed consoles and still have enough for another. Don't forget that with Monster Hunter 4 and Pokemon X & Y, the 3DS is literally printing money for their pockets.

It's not all about power, although Nintendo should have made the Wii U a considerable upgrade to the 360 and PS3, not just marginally. They didn't need to bring as much power as the XB1 or PS4, but I worry that 3rd parties will be skipping the Wii U even if the install base grows significantly after the holidays.

Eonjay1760d ago

Disposable income means nothing. Its about making profits and pleasing your shareholders.

Baka-akaB1760d ago

Both sides of that argument vastly exagerate .

However rich you are , you will not stand there looking at multiple console failing . You wouldnt have acquired those kind of income in the first place with that kind of thinking .

However Nintendo can still indeed weather multiple failures .

Even then it would involve massive shake ups among its executives

Neonridr1760d ago

The Wii, as much as you guys would call it a failure, in the eyes of Nintendo was a HUGE success. So the Wii U, even if deemed a failure, would be only that. The Wii, DS and 3DS were such huge successes that it would allow Nintendo to weather a poor hardware showing and allow them the opportunity to launch another one.

I was merely pointing out that Nintendo is in a much better position that you seem to think.

AsimLeonheart1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

What do you mean by "disposable income" in terms of a company? That is a consumer related concept and is not applicable for a corporation. IF you mean the "cash at hand" part of the balance sheet then Nintendo has $4.5 billion at the moment that will be spent throughout the year on routine expenses. Nintendo's annual expenses during the last fiscal year were $3.47 billion which means they only have a little more than $1 billion of free cash and corporations burn through that much cash very easily. For example, MS spent 0.5 billion dollar just on Kinect marketing. I had the whole annual financial statement lying on my desktop around here somewhere...
Besides that is not how business works even if it has money to spare. No company continues to waste money on a product that continues to fail until it goes bankrupt. If a product fails, the company abandons it and looks towards other prospects. Finally, MH4 and Pokemon sales figure are not that big deal in the current age where games sell more than 5 million frequently. They are not printing any more money than CoD, Assasin's Creed, Skyrim, GTA, Gran Turismo, Halo, Battlefield and many other AAA games.
Nintendo incurred a loss in the previous fiscal years and barely made a profit in the most recent fiscal report because of exchange rate advantage even though 3DS is selling gangbusters. That is not a healthy state for a company. Nintendo is not immortal or infallible just like any other company including Sony and MS.

Neonridr1760d ago

@AsimLeonheart - games routinely sell 4-5 million maybe in their lifetime. And some games require multiple platforms to achieve those totals. Sure Cod And GTA are money making machines, but have you seen the handheld market lately? Do you see how many 3DS's they are moving each week over there? Pokemon sold over 4 million units in 2 days. That is incredible for a handheld audience that has only about 35 million, whereas the 360 or PS3 have audiences of like 75 million. BIG difference there.

Nintendo was at a loss because of the hardware transition. It's not a surprise when the Wii stops selling and all their money is going towards hardware manufacturing of a new console. And factor in a weaker Yen to add insult to injury.

Nintendo will be fine, even with a failed Wii U. They will still exist, and will be around for another console launch. It's much too early to write them off anyways. There is still much to see with the Wii U and a lot of Nintendo franchises that have yet to grace the system.

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MizTv1760d ago

They need good games real bad

LOL_WUT1759d ago

Agreed I like platformers I really do but Nintendo needs more diversity in their titles NSMBU, Rayman Legends, Luigi U, Sonic Lost World, Super Mario 3D World and DKTF releasing early next year.

Seriously Nintendo give us something else! ;)

ape0071760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

wizziokid I respect your opinion but the wiiu is nowhere as weak as people make it looks

BF4 the so called graphical measuring stick on PC need more raw power than ps4 and it's done more than OK on ps3 and xbox 360

now wiiu is 2 to 3 times more powerful than current gen, it will do some amazing gfx and is more than capable, look at how amazing bayonetta 2, super mario 3d world and mario kart 8 gfx are, they still look amazing even after seeing Ryse and KZ shadow fall

and now it picked up sales big time after Zelda Wind Waker HD, mark my words, the wiiu will be an amazing system, not as big as ps4/X1 of course but it's not a Wii, it will have amazing must buy games and good 3rd party support, developers will be forced to cram their games on wiiu due to high costs, the system is more than capable

AKR1759d ago

Tell that to this:

Master System < NES
Neo Geo < SNES
N64 < PS1
PS3 < Wii

...Those systems, at the "Greater than" mark - were the weakest systems of their generation, yet they sold the most. Specs don't sell consoles, software do.

clouds51759d ago

OMG that comment/reply system is sooo messed up.

Sorry, my comment was in reply to "Wizziokid" not you :)

You've actually supported my point...

clouds51759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

You are aware that that little weak system (you mean the wii i guess) sold more than ps3 and 360? It was a huge success financially. And thus Nintendo has more money than MS or Sony.

The strength of Nintendo consoles is not graphics. It's the games. They are FUN have amazing gameplay and Nintendo is always innovating and offering something new with each console they release.

AKR1759d ago

I highlighted that the Wii sold more than the PS3 and 360. Notice: "PS3<Wii"
I only have PS3 there because it is the most powerful console of the 7th-gen.

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Yep1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Yeah, let's talk about Wii U not growing as expected when Wii U sales have been on a pretty big rise with the release of just one remaster. In fact, let's not point out any of the potential problems the competition might face.

Totally not a one-sided article.

cactusjack1760d ago

the wii u is the biggest blunder in the 21st century. when your annual sales are 25k WORLDWIDE shows that your console is in trouble.

JuleyJules1760d ago

Where do you get this worldwide sales of 25K from? The Wii U is selling again since WW HD was released and the price dropped. Big games are coming out for the system now so gone are the days of no games for it. In fact, this week alone has 6 games coming out. Next week several more and same thing into November.

Yep1760d ago

25k lmao.

Well, this is N4g.

PopRocks3591759d ago

Do you notice that 8+ people agreed with this clown? This is how horrible N4G's community is. Trolls who spread blatant misinformation get rewarded while anyone who presents facts or differing opinions get labelled as fanboys and are ultimately censored.

Dunban671760d ago

Just be cause sales for the Wii U went up does not mean they are growing as expected because they are not- not even close-

Nintendo s stated sales target for their fiscal year is 9 million Wii U s sold- they have barley sold 1 million this fiscal year (ending end of 1st Q 2014)

unless you think they will sell 7-8 million by the end of March 2014 - Wii U sales are still underperforming by a large #

No one doubts or are surprised that Wii u sales have/will rise due to new games being released and the holidays coming but the question is: how much? So far sales are still very slow even w the increase

Yep1760d ago

Except it's not news that the Wii U didn't grow as expected. I'm pretty sure exactly nobody thought the Wii U would sell with no software. I was starting from when Nintendo started releasing games.

Dunban671760d ago

Considering the Wii and Wii U are our only household console I very much want its sale to increase greatly-

I think Nintendo could have and can still do much more to help sales of the console (and several key games) than they have to date

Nintendo is going to have to make a much large commitment ot he Wii u if it is to be a viable console for the length of it s generation, however long it may last-

After buying the wii U at launch for my Son s B-day, we are finally at a point in which there is a healthy selection of software. I think this will be the situation thru 1st or 2nd Q 2014 at least- but if console sales and especially software sales (not just for 1 or 2 Nintendo games every 6- months) don t pick up sales substantially, then our quality 3rd party selections are going to become close to nill and even worse, Nintendo is going to invest even less resources in t s own games it releases-

Without strong sales in total # s, we could be looking at another software drought like we had for most of this year- except the next one could last much longer- The fact Nintendo cut the price and looks like it is gong to keep the software coming at a steady rate for the next 5-6+/- months is great and it is helping but hey will need to do more to keep the Wii U viable for the next 5+ years - so far they have not very supportive of the Wii U or several of its key games like the Wonderful 101

I hear all kinds of excuses why 3rd party games don t sell on the Wi U- the excuses are all blamed on the developers/publishers but look at The Wonderful 101- the only 2 games to sell over 600,000 (retail) are Nintendo Land (a Pack In) and Mario U- a launch day game

There are many excellent games that have been released that have not sold very little

For the record I am very grateful that Ubi have supported us as much as they have considering the low sales and high volume of grief they get online form many Nintendo supporters I am surprised they have followed thru on the games they have to date - I imagine that may end soon though - I would rather have the option to buy a game w out online multi player (something most Nintendo games do not have) or no DLC than not have the option to purchase the game at all

Ashby_JC1760d ago

I may be wrong....but the one thing that struck me as a major problem.

was the NAME of the console.

The Wii U

It sounds like a add on for the Wii....not a whole new system. Nintendo for the most part has always named each system something different...gamecube, wii, nintendo 64 etc

To me they wanted to have that Wii name in it. But I bet you ask the average non gamer (the people who purchased the Wii) they probably would say they thought it was a add-on and not a new system.

They should have gave it a whole new name. At least then it would have its own identity.

JuleyJules1760d ago

It's true about the name. I often find myself calling it the Wii so people know what I'm talking about. Wii HD or something would have been better. I do think selling the Wii still in stores is hurting sales too. If there are games for Wii but only one system to buy people would be forced to buy the Wii U - even if at the start it was to play an old Wii game - and then would see there are new games.

One thing that needs to happen right away is advertising. Where are the ads for Wii Party U, Mario 3D World, Wii Fit U etc? The holiday season is coming quickly!

Ashby_JC1760d ago

I consider myself a gamer and keep up with whats hot etc.

But I can honestly say I have no idea how the Wii U controller works...or what they even are trying to accomplish.

Take the Wii when that came out. It was pretty clear based on adverts what the Wii was and how it worked.

The Wii see the advert barely even see the console. The big ass controller/tablet thing is the focus.

I myself would be pretty confused WHAT exactly this thing is....a add on?? Cause it certainly doesnt scream NEW CONSOLE from nintendo.

JuleyJules1760d ago

I really like the gamepad controller. It's great having stuff off the tv screen and looking down temporarily is not an issue once you get used to it. I really didn't like playing games with the wii remote and nunchuk so I didn't play much on the wii. Since getting the Wii U I've played more than before and games I never tried before like AC3, Batman Arkham City, Injustice Gods Among Us, Mass Effect etc that were not (or would never be) available on Wii. I'm looking forward to others like Bayonetta 2, X and even Smash Brothers next year.

Crillvirus811760d ago

Wii u is starting to pick up sales by next years holidays they will be at least 10 to 15 million wii u's out there..with the help of kart , smash, bayo 2 etc and another price drop by next dec and they will be ok ...nintendos problem is the price us big n fans know the value of the console but most don't and see it as a wii add on etc but once they hit that 200$ with a game price they will really start selling just watch

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