Diehard GameFAN: 10 Thoughts on…Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War

DHGF: So let’s see. The game is buggy as hell, crashes and stalls regularly, requires a constant internet connection to work, has extremely slow connections to the server, won’t actually let you add friends, send or accept party requests, is the most blatant nickel and diming freemium game I’ve had to sit through and has absolutely nothing to do with Dungeons & Dragons save paying to have the license in the name. Mobage should be ashamed of itself for making this piece of crap, and Hasbro doubly so for continually giving Mobage its licenses to make truly terrible games with. What happened to the glory years of Baldur’s Gate, the SSI RPGs, Neverwinter Nights and the like? I’m sorry, but Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War is Heroes of the Lance terrible. Get your act together Hasbro and give the license to a company that will do it justice.

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