PS4 Advertising Campaign Is The Biggest In Sony's History

TSA writes: "Alongside revealing their Since ’95 video, a nostalgic look at PlayStation’s history and heritage, Sony have teased that their PS4 advertising campaign will be massive, saying that it’s “the biggest in our history” to TSA."

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ThatCanadianGuy5141799d ago

I believe it.I'm seeing multiple different commercials everyday now, whereas i would see the same one maybe 2-3 times a week for PS3.

Kaz really pushing Playstation in the right direction since taking over.

theBAWSE1799d ago


recent pretenders with their lies and inferior hardware will be outed come next month

Golden_Mud1799d ago

The last time an inferior hardware got the world record most sold console in history , the PS2

Thehyph1799d ago

When PS2 launched it wasn't inferior to anything. The only other sixth gen console out was Dreamcast. GameCube and Xbox were both a year (give or take a month) later launching.

thereapersson1799d ago


Actually, that honor goes to the Wii.

theBAWSE1799d ago

@ihassounah... that's because Sony have the best aaa first party studio's in the business ..

timed exclusively won't work this gen too much money in sales to lose, you will get the few but not as much as this gen.. you either have the studios or you don't ..

it's all well and good having launch titles.. but the smart gamer looks at the history of both Sony and Microsoft in the gaming space, how many new ips and continued support either company gives their products .. and that tells the story

nypifisel1799d ago

Only reason inferior hardware has won in the past is price. This time around it's kinda weird seeing how the most powerful console on the market will be the cheapest one (if you disregard the Wii U which I do in this comparison mainly due to it lacking in third party support)

Brazz1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

@ IHassounah

Sure, but remember, ps2 was cheaper than "Xbox 0" and had a headstart of 1 year (plus much more games).
Now Ps4 is stronger and cheaper, and there is no headstart.

NewMonday1799d ago


PS2 way ahead of the Wii at 150m vs 100m

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Eonjay1799d ago

I have heard a lot of people say that Nintendo could use some major advertising for its console as well. Sony and Microsoft are being much more direct and this will probably translate into higher sales.

PsylentKiller1799d ago

On TV, I've only seen the PS4 Taco Bell commercial. Nothing for the system or the games. Not even Killzone. PS4 maybe the more powerful system but XB1 has a more dominant marketing strategy. I've seen commercials for Forza, DR3, and the system. They're even sponsoring ESPN.
PS4 is winning over the majority of the gaming community but if they don't step it up they are going to lose the general public by a large margin.

iceman061799d ago

I've seen the Taco Bell ad, the buddy ad, the sponsorship for European soccer matches, and the Assassin's Creed IV (Started From The Bottom) campaign (multiplatform, but tagged with the additional DLC exclusively for PS4/PS3. I have only seen one XB1 commercial (the one for the NFL with no games) and the XB1 ESPN sponsorship. Albeit, I don't watch a ton of TV.

Sevir1799d ago

I've seen Assassin's Creed 4 commercial advertising PS4, Taco Bell and The Perfect Day commercials all at different times.

PsylentKiller1799d ago

Guess I haven't been watching too much TV then. Most of the time I record my shows on my DVR and skipping through the commercials so that may bee why I haven't caught any commercials. That and GTA V has been taking up quite a bit of my time.

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majiebeast1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

The new ad agency they hired is doing a fantastic job so far, no creepy babies yet. Love the new since 95 video dat nostalgia, but now i feel old:(

NateCole1799d ago

lol! Kinda like the creepy babies.

miyamoto1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Its about bloody time Sony advertise!
A great advert campaign is so much needed.

This PS4 ad proves that although Sony can not out spend M$ but they can out smart 'em like killer whales can out smart and kill great white sharks!!!!

U R Not Ready
Since 95
4 the Players
Greatness Awaits!

iceman061799d ago

I absolutely loved the U R Not Red-E commercials. It seemed criptic and mysterious in print ads, until they finally unveiled that they were pointing toward a console and spoke the words (so that the average joe would get it).

Magicite1799d ago

Totally love Your comparison.

miyamoto1799d ago

Recent accounts show that killer whales can adapt to any new prey they wish to take on bigger or smaller.

Like the great white sharks xbox is overhyped and overrated in Amurica but in real life killer whales are more than a match to these ambush predators.

Like the Orca kills a small seal ( the Wii U) to spread its blood in the water to bait the great white shark to rush in to the battlefield...the Feb 2013 PS4 announcement was intended for MS to rush in the Xbone.

PS4 will drown and kill the Xbone in the first round of encounter.

zerocrossing1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I haven't seen a single PS4 ad yet O.o


I live in the UK mind you so it might be the case the ad campaign hasn't started here yet.

Also, what the hell is up with those disagrees?! I said "I haven't seen any PS4 ads yet" it's not like I said "Those Sony scum bags can't even put out an ad!" seriously get a life people! I'm looking forward to the PS4 like everyone else.

OlgerO1799d ago

well i dont have cable so me neither.

zerocrossing1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

At least that explains it for you, lol.

WeAreLegion1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

They're everywhere in the US.

zerocrossing1799d ago

Ah, well the ads probably just haven't started yet in the UK.

Serjikal_Strike1799d ago

All I keep seeing is the taco bell ps4 ad

ANIALATOR1361799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

me neither. I'm in the UK too. Havent seen any on the telly or at bus stops or whatever. Just tv adverts for Beyond Two Souls and Assassins Creed 4

zerocrossing1799d ago

It's weird right? Maybe they'll start when we're nearing the holiday season.

FriedGoat1799d ago

I'm in the UK too, nothing here. But then again, Sony doesn't seem to care about Europe anyway.

The whole of Europe (yes an entire continent) Censored TLOU, Censored Beyond 2 Souls, Censored God of War: A.

It's like Sony want us living in Nazi Germany with all this rediculous censorship. I live in the UK, I don't need blood replaced with petals thanks...

nypifisel1799d ago

Are you kidding? Sony knows Europe is Playstation land and they cater to us even more than the Americans in most cases. Just look at the PS+ for instance, Europe is ahead of the US there.

Sevir1799d ago

Sony Eu doesn't start until closer to Nov, it's still 40 days from launch in the Eu/ UK/Aus markets...

PS4 marketing campaign in the US just started in earnest outside of the Taco bell promotion last week. And they have been advertising Assassins Creed 4. Soon, They'll they'll start showing Software!

FriedGoat1799d ago

Playstation plus is one thing, but i'd rather have complete games than censored versions.

fOrlOnhOpe571799d ago

How dare you live in the UK lol ;-)

zerocrossing1799d ago

It's bad enough we don't have Taco bell lol ;-)

mcstorm1799d ago

@zerocrossing I agree ive not seen any PS4 adds yet seen lots of PS3 ones though. Microsoft have started the xbox one adds though seen quite a few of them but I expect over the next few weeks we will start to see Xbox one PS4 and WiiU adds appear all over the place.

iceman061799d ago

The only thing that I have seen for Europe has been sign boards during soccer...oops football matches. I wouldn't know about commercials, since I'm stateside. I live in the midwest, so I don't expect to see a lot of signs on buildings and buses...must be too "small" of a market.

TheFutureIsBlue1799d ago

The best commercial I've ever seen. Always puts a smile to my face because Sony actually gets it. Multiplayer is a great time with friends! =D

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fOrlOnhOpe571799d ago

Way to go Sony. Not seen anything here in the UK yet though.

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