"If they don't listen, they will probably die" - DICE talks Xbox One and PS4 controversies

"In the end it's all about the games," acknowledges Patrick Bach. [OXM]

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GarrusVakarian1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

"In the end it's all about the games,"

Exactly. Which is why im buying a PS4 first and leaning more towards Sony in general when it comes to gaming, they have always seemed alot more gamer/gaming focused (in my opinion) than MS.
Gimmicks come and go, but ive always been more interested in games, all i need is a pad in my hand and a good videogame. Sony understands that and it shows with their focus on quality 1st party studios/indie devs/rate of which it releases exclusives/.

I tried my best to not make that comment look im a PS4 fangirl, but i think it did a little XD. Just remember i am buying an Xbox One too, as i care about games first and foremost.

dirigiblebill1731d ago

They've got more studios and they're more focused, but the PS4 launch line-up is a tad bloodless for my liking, and loads of the indie games are also available /will be available on PC. Still, they've undeniably got a more diverse forthcoming line-up than MS right now.

GarrusVakarian1731d ago

I hear all this talk about launch titles....but is anyone here actually looking forward to the 2014 line up more? I know i am.

dirigiblebill1731d ago

Definitely - Destiny, Titanfall and Rime are my hot picks. Quite like the sound of the Chinese Room Rapture game too.


You know Lukas, I would even say it's more about gaming than gamers themselves. It's a "build and they'll come" situation.

I belive this is what put Sony in such a positive light, sure they got some spotlight much thanks to MS early policies which could hurt gamers when they made clear speechs (jabs?) about how you could still share physical copies or sell used games, but that was only for a moment. The reason they kept on the good side of media is majorly thanks developers, they are the one constantly patting Sony on the back (and rightfully so it seens). Even most of MS good publicity is also coming from decisions that benifit devs the most, like already having dedicated servers setted for devs which can't/don't care to deal with it.

Also, I would agree that choosing a next gen system purely based on launch line-up is short sighted. Even if Sony would have a killer launch and MS would be much finner than it is now, it would still mean little if you don't look at what first party studios are woorking on. In fact, I would say that right now we don't even know what the first entire year will have for us and it may yet be too soon to say either Sony or MS will have the best games or most sales (or whatever really, let's quit the Medium syndrome, if anything, both consoles are now setted for a good release, Sony having the better price and more of a coming line-up, MS having better/more launch AAA titles).

And yes, I too am more interested in what 2014 holds. The real reasons to own a next gen system for me will come next year with InFamous, the Division and MGS V... And that because I'm a PS guy, I can only imagine MS fans are just as excited about Halo next year.

If anything, both launches are only a small early taste in what's to come. Imagine the huge and highly detailed (not only graphically) games we'll see as this next generation becames more familiar to developers by 2014 and 2015. With the ease of development on those consoles along with much more gamers giving signs they are becoming tired of the same FPS every year, I would risk saying this gen could be as remarkable as PS2 or SNES.. And it would be even more impressive if this gen achieve that with neither console dominating the market doing so (imagine what this level of competition would breed in number of great games).

XB1_PS41731d ago

I'm starting to love watching you guys bicker.. I can feel the bias flowing out of my screen. Used to bother me, not anymore.

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Kuse1731d ago

You speak highly of games on the PS4, from what I can see the launch titles for PS4 are pretty abysmal, Knack and another generic FPS shooter Killzone Shadowfall?

Indies alone don't sell a console, its all about the AAA blockbuster titles.

ABeastNamedTariq1731d ago

You're passing off your opinion as fact - slightly. When it's my opinion that Ryse doesn't interest me, Forza is Forza - I love it but can wait to play it - and Dead Rising 3 looks like a 'generic' zombie game (that I'm personally on the fence on about buying). You see how opinions work?

If I love Killzone and want to try Knack, why would I get an Xbox first? Same for you - if you like Ryse or DR3, why consider getting a PS4 first?

AAA blockbusters alone don't sell a console, it's about providing a great mix of different types of games, which Sony seems to be doing.

Also, why are we all forgetting about the downloadable games? Planetside 2? DCUO? Warframe? They're console exclusives, a word some of you on here like to throw out.

pyramidshead1731d ago

I love this argument, yet PS4 preorders are through roof and no doubt growing, so something is obviously selling it :P, even after game delays! People over estimate how many games people buy at launch after dropping £400-500 on a brand new system. Not to mention a sea of multiplats.

Maybe it is true that the people who complain on the internet make up less than 1% of gamers ;).

GirlOnFire1731d ago

Generic? Come on Knack and Killzone is way more interesting than X1 exclusives to me. One more thing Sony has quality and quantity. I like to see that one day on Xbox one I'll pick one up then. I was an fan of Xbox Original over PS2. Before that I was an N64 fan over PS1. PlayStation always had games where I had to own one no matter what from the beginning till even now. I love games that's why I chose PS4. ^~^

itBourne1731d ago

Lol yes, its all about blockbusters, thats why 360 has sold so well in the U.S. they have been pumping out blockbusters nonstop the past 4 years.... or its because ill informed and ignorant people like you... not quite sure which. Also the casual gamer crowd.

For one the launch line-ups are close and really depend on opinion. Two, past has shown if you are going to only get one console then Sony will support theirs a lot longer and have a much wider variety of games on it, that is not opinion. Its because Sony has the devs to back long time support. If you want to get both then by all means, but I really cant fathom why people would only get an MS console if they got just one though, especially after the last two console cycles.

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Ausbo1731d ago

ps4 will have a great 2014 lineup. But to those who say the xbox lineup in 14 is weak, your wrong. Especially with games like quantum break, halo, sunset overdrive, and titanfall on the horizon. Then theres black tusk's game and fable legends.

Plenty of games on both systems at least to start

ABeastNamedTariq1731d ago

I'm really interested in hearing more about Black Tusk's game. I love stealth games.

QuickdrawMcgraw1731d ago

Ausbo when you say at least to start.For me that's a huge point.Nothing wrong with waiting four or five before buying a Xbox1,just to make sure MS continues to support it console.

Ausbo1731d ago


I understand. But microsoft has invested a lot more in new first party exclusives, so hopefully they keep the exclusives coming throughout the entire life of the console

Aceman181731d ago

for me this gen it's just the PS4 and Wii U. if I ever decide to get past what MS tried to pull on me as a consumer I might get one when it's a whole lot cheaper years from now.

H0RSE1731d ago

"What they tried to pull on you?" You mean offer a product with features you found undesirable and didn't have to buy?...

Some of you act like MS attempted to pass a federal law that forced people to buy their console and endure all the features their initial reveal entailed.

Aceman181731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )


yes what they pulled you know before all the 180s.

yup you're the type of consumer/gamer companies like this look for, the one who gives up his rights so easily because of brand loyalty.

H0RSE1730d ago

lol, there's no "rights" being given up. By simply choosing not to purchase such a device, you essentially boycott them and show your disapproval. You have a right to choose what you want to buy, and many consumers exercised that right. You have a right to voice your concerns, and the right was expressed also.

Now I'm no expert in consumer or copyright laws and something tells me you aren't either, so until you start posting evidence that individual's rights were actually being attacked and/or illegal activity was taking place, I suggest you tone it down. You are making this claim, so the burden of proof is on you.

Aceman181730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )


I'm gonna guess you missed the you can't lend games, or trade in games before they 180 them right? Let's not forget about the 24hr check in or else your games wouldn't work.

All of my friends knew M$ was off their rockers before they changed stance after preorders were hella low.

H0RSE1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

You still have failed to produce any evidence of these features violating rights and/or one needing to give up rights in order for them to be successful.

I guess you missed the part when purchasing games doesn't mean you own them - you are purchasing a license for the software. This is evident in the EULA and/or the Terms of Service.

What you describe may be features you found unfavorable, but until you can show me legal proof that they were in fact in violation of consumer's rights, they will remain merely features you didn't like and nothing more.

Aceman181730d ago

you know what Horse i'm just gonna SMDH at you because i know you're gonna refuse to see what everyone else saw during the reveal, and what happened at E3 that caused the uproar among gamers.

laterz you continue to have the blinders on i'm out i got better things to do lol.

H0RSE1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )


"you know what Horse i'm just gonna SMDH at you because i know you're gonna refuse to see what everyone else saw during the reveal, and what happened at E3 that caused the uproar among gamers."

Refuse to see what everyone else saw? What, MS proposing features that many PC gamers have been enduring for years, and yet the medium has been doing quite fine since? Regardless if it caused an uproar or not isn't the point. The fact that you and others might have been so mad, you wanted to kick a puppy, is neither or here nor there.

The point is you claiming that either MS was attacking consumer rights or that consumers would need to give up rights in order for MS's features to become reality, and then producing no evidence to back this up other than, "it made me mad."

I'm not denying that people were upset and that MS's initial plans were unfavorable to a lot of people, but that doesn't make them unlawful or in violation of rights, so until you can prove otherwise, you're just another whiner playing the victim card, with no evidence to support your claims. People caused an uproar at the ending of Mass Effect 3, yet I believe everyone's rights were still intact... How mad people got or how many people got made over something, doesn't make it any more true. You made claims about consumer rights - show me proof.

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FunkMacNasty1731d ago

I agree Lukas. If you really want to experience all the best exclusives and concole gaming experiences, then it only makes sense to have more than one console. I'll be getting a ps4 first, then in a few years when the XB1 has a price drop, I'll be picking up one of those as well and will catch up on some Forza action!

ALLWRONG1731d ago

Killzone and a few indies <--- That's pretty much all the PS4 has at launch, and none of them look as good as Ryse.

GarrusVakarian1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Its a marathon, not a sprint. Are you so quick to forget the exact same scenario happened with the PS3? Now look who has the most exclusives and who is still pumping them out.....

Next year is where its at for PS4.

"and none of them look as good as Ryse."

That's your opinion, mine is that Killzone SF looks better than RYSE.

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TrevorPhillips1731d ago

I'm buying both systems because it truly is about just gaming and not starting wars on which is better then which that's preposterous

GarrusVakarian1731d ago

That doesn't sound like something Trevor would say.

Silly gameAr1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Buying both doesn't make you a gamer. You're still a gamer if you only chose one of the two. When people say they're buying both because they are "gamers", that just doesn't sound real to me.

It sounds like more of a cop out to look neutral and just doesn't feel genuine. No offense.


Aren't you the one that wrote an article about why you're picking up an xboxone and passing on the PS4? Who fails? BTW, you seem like a bit of a troll in a lot of your comments, so please don't try to call me out.

Lalanana1731d ago

"Buying both doesn't make you a gamer"

lol fail.

Volkama1731d ago

Sometimes that's true, but his comment is actually entirely neutral.

Maybe he's playing the long game, banking some neutral comments until he's ready to go full fanboy? :)

GarrusVakarian1731d ago

I can genuinely tell you that im getting both consoles because i love games. Do i sound "real" to you?

Silly gameAr1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )


That's your choice, but I wasn't commenting toward you. But, to answer your question, yes you do sound real to me.

Deathdeliverer1731d ago

I'm buying both because I simply don't want to miss out on any great exclusives. The PS4 is where I plan to get all multi-platform games unless it's a game that most of my closest friends are getting on XB1. I could careless about "seeming neutral" because this fanboy garbage is crazy to me. I'm not going to miss out on Titan Fall (although I suspect it's coming on ps4 one day) and Killer Instinct to hold some loyalty to Sony just because I feel like it's the better machine. And no you don't have to have both to be a gamer. Buy what you like, skip the rest. Maybe I'm a new class/ archetype. The greedy gamer. One that can't miss a experience.

TrevorPhillips1731d ago

Silly GameAr

No, I actually am a true gamer who loves both systems regardless and enjoy playing games on both systems. Being Neutral isn't a bad thing, it's a good thing

TechMech21731d ago

If somebody is a fanboy, their not a true gamer. Buying both systems makes you a gamer if you can appreciate both sides.

badkolo1731d ago

i cant agree fully, im having both on day one and i openly prefer xbox becuase of live but i used my ps3 for every exclusive this gen and used the 360 for its exclusives and multigames that were better on that platform. Ill enjoy my xbo as much as i will my ps4 and if the multi game play better on one system over the other then ill be using that console more often no matter which it is. while many do say im getting both just to say it, many of us will get both and enjoy both even if we prefer one over the other.

Silly gameAr1731d ago


I've owned almost every console that's ever dropped including an xbox 360. This gen is just going to be different for me. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to have the X1 in my house. If that makes me a fanboy according to you guys so be it.

I Have my reasons why I'm passing on the X1, and it's not because I'm in love with Sony or any other company.

Deathdeliverer1731d ago

@ silly

Dude that's all understandable. If I was someone that had to go through multiple xboxes like my best bud I would probably feel different. He went through 5. The 5th is dead but he just gave up on it altogether and stopped sending it in. If the DRM thing would have happened I, too would have not gotten a XB1. Point is I can understand burn victims not playing with fire. My launch 360 is still chugging along albeit with a tiny amount of memory (no way was I going to pay for that expensive add on memory) so I haven't been burned too much. You not getting or anyone for that matter probably has a good reason and reason or not, it's their business. I'll see ya on the PS4.

FunkMacNasty1731d ago

"Buying both doesn't make you a gamer. You're still a gamer if you only chose one of the two. When people say they're buying both because they are "gamers", that just doesn't sound real to me."

True, but... what kind of gamer? Financial constraints understood, but if money is not an option and you can afford it, why would any gamer not WANT to own both consoles?? Only reason I could think of would be having a closed mind.

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sprinterboy1731d ago

Agree only getting ps4 first but will get xbone maybe 2015

GrandpaSnake1731d ago

Im going with the one that seems to be on par with consumers and gamers...... the ps4.

thrust1731d ago

Am going the one that has the games i like more and that is the xbox one.

Pogmathoin1731d ago

I'm buying both, but your right Silly, buying one makes you as much a gamer as anyone. But saying when you buy two does not make it feel like a real gamer, where's your logic from that? I loved PS from the start, but then came along MS and it shook up the enviroment, made gaming more mainstream. PS4 rose to the challenge too. I bet if I told you I was getting X1 only as a real gamer, you would ridicule me still, because it was MS, not a brand like Sony... you cannot win here...

djplonker1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

I am not buying the system from a company that tried to sh*t all over the industry because I am a true gamer!

stuff like this is what I am sick of

psn is free and has no ads

xbox live £4.25 a month and full of ads

mostly everyone I know feels the same!

I had a 360 for 4 years before I got a ps3 and damn did I choose wrong mgsIV proved that on its own!

thrust1731d ago

Xbox live is £2.08p a month.

with ps4 psn is not free to play all games online.


djplonker1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

tell that to m$ it is £4.25 for 1 month and £3.33 a month if I buy a year..... ps plus is cheaper and I get free games that are not 6+ years old!

thrust1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

I buy 1 year online for £25

etownone1731d ago

Psn for PS4 isn't free.
What now?

By your logic, seems Sony is trying to sh*t all over the industry next gen too.

djplonker1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

ps plus isnt free no but I can watch netflix and play f2p games without it!

and I was talking about the drm and used games.....

Pogmathoin1731d ago

This DRM is going to eventually come back in a big way, especially when next gen games cost so much to make, yet, most people will buy used games only.... And it most definitely not be on terms we like, as most only buy pre owned!

MysticStrummer1731d ago

"Psn for PS4 isn't free."

...because of the huge bunch of gamers that agreed to pay for something they could get free elsewhere.

Thanks for that.


etownone1731d ago

Hahaha... So it's MS fault that Sony is charging for Psn?

You do understand Sony is a business, a corporation.

ALLWRONG1731d ago

"because of the huge bunch of gamers that agreed to pay for something they could get free elsewhere."

Pathetic attempt

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