Here's One Arab Gamer Who Can't Wait to Get the Xbox One

Just like Miranda Citrus, the Sony Playstation brand is a force to be reckon with in the Arab world. People jump at the sight of the PS logo and defend it to extreme measures. The PS VITA, for example, is still hailed by many here as one of the best things ever made even though it's barely seen in public. Xbox fans on the other hand are a bit more scarce. Oh, they exist. It's just they don't really bother revealing themselves to the ominous PS cult that dominates this region. The Xbox One's terrible reveal and bad consumer image doesn't help their case either. But here's one Arab gamer who's honest and thinks "Yea, the Xbox One is the future of gaming". His name is Khaled from Kuwait (better known as Painkiller Q8) and he can't wait to get his hands on the Xbox One next month.

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snipab8t1609d ago

You can fit loads more freedom into the larger xbox one controllers - Murican government will be happy.

Dante811609d ago

Plus they're great for American sausage fingers.

Lalanana1609d ago

"I am buying it for sure but I am just waiting for the right game to come that would force me buy it. To be honest the console is amazing but its launch lineup of games aren't that exciting and I would be able to play all the third party games on my Xbox One. I mean Dead Rising 3 alone blows the Playstation 4's launch lineup out of the water. "

This guy just describe how many people on this site, other sites, other regions feels about the ps4.

NewMonday1609d ago

According to pre-order numbers from America to Europe and the positive gaming community sentiment all over the Internet and game expos, people like him are overwhelmingly outnumbered by the gamers who know the PS4 is the best next gen console and they are unimpressed by the week specs of the XB1 and it's high price, also disappointed only few games can handle 1080p

Septic1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )


Lol what are you on about?

Actually a very good read and quite a good interview. The chap, like me, is predominantly an online gamer so I completely understand his view.

The thing is, it appears that Sony have sorted out their online infrastructure now so whether or not he will continue to prefer the PS4 to the Xbox One remains to be seen. Also, whilst I agree with him that the X1's launch line-up is better, we have to see how well MS' commitment to delivering great exclusive content holds up in the coming years.

I suspect that things like a more comprehensive dedicated server network will be a big incentive to him (as it is to me).

BobBelcher1609d ago

"People jump at the sight of the PS logo and defend it to extreme measures."


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Eonjay1609d ago

Nice setup he has there.

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