Check Out 20 Minutes of Killzone: Shadow Fall's Single Player in Fantastic Direct Feed, 1080p Video

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just published the recording of the Killzone: Shadow Fall stage event held last month at Tokyo Game Show, which means that you get to see 20 minutes of a single player mission in shiny 1080p, without the horrible compression from the livestream.

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pedrof931731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Fantastic, lol I thought the it was a double-post because its the same intro of Deep Down :D

I never thought i could be so hyped for a Killzone game ;D.

The ending ;D

Abriael1731d ago

haha yeah, all the movies from Sony's TGS stage events have that intro :D

Hydrolex1731d ago

very good graphics for a $400 piece of machine

miyamoto1731d ago

Now this is what you call real next gen 1080p @ 60fps games not the cartoony upscaled last gen kiddie games.

Lalanana1731d ago

Yea i must say this game looks ok. not bad

Ron_Danger1731d ago

Anyone know if this is still the old build, or the new one that GG has been talking about with the 4x higher resolution/ textures?

troylazlow1731d ago

A.I. seem a little dumb was this set to "Super Easy" mode? not super impressed, guess I expected more.

XB1_PS41731d ago

someone talking sounds like sasuke

The_Con-Sept1730d ago

I can't watch. I have to wait....

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Insomnia_841731d ago

This game looks so effing good! Those graphics ... effing awesome!

Gameplay starts at 5:05

Serjikal_Strike1731d ago

It sure does and it's not your typical linear fps, I like what they've done with it, can't wait.
But the guy playing sucks... Sorry to say

kingduqc1730d ago

I don't understand you guys, vegetation from the first crysis looks better and it's been 6 years since the game has released... meh really. I guess console user are used to low standard so this wow them but really not that impressive

Eonjay1731d ago

This game looks awesome. It is AAA to the max.

Studio-YaMi1731d ago

The game looks amazing,I did feel that it had some frame rate drops in crowded environments but that's understandable since the game has so much into one screen,this is TGS build anyways & the game just gone gold so this frame rate issue might be dealt with at launch,such a beautiful looking game seriously.

Day one DAMMIT !!!


Yes, this game looks AMAZING!

pedrof931730d ago


The game was originally though with 4 gbs ram. Since the machine has now 8 gbs they mention that the textures were improved of 4x.

You need to compare both, to answer your question.

brometheos1730d ago

@Ron_Danger This is actually the old build, its TGS but I think its actually the build from E3. They added lots of things to the newer build including moving mist, god rays cast from trees, etc. I can't wait to see the launch build, its going to look even more stunning

JunoDivided1730d ago

@troy Most the time AI looks easy in demos because the play tester is practicing for a live demo he's just really good at the demo

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bub161731d ago

yes finally!!! cant wait for ps4, gta has got boring now, need something to fill my time till then

GarrusVakarian1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Best looking next gen game in my opinion. And this is a launch game! It blows my mind to think what Sony's 1st parties are going to do with the PS4 in the coming years.

Edit: Do those guys ever stop talking?Lol.

Malphite1731d ago

It does look good for consoles but as a PC gamer I've seen much better looking FPSs to be honest. Ryse has the best graphics of the next gen console launch titles imo.

GarrusVakarian1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )


We got a PC elitist over here.

" I've seen much better looking FPSs to be honest. "

I would like to know which ones......

ThatCanadianGuy5141731d ago

Joined 3 days ago, 3 trolling posts praising xbone.

You guys are so desperate lol

fghtrer3fb5erg1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Dont forget ryse is a closed world game, killzone shadow is semi open world, ryse can put more polygons and pixels on the screen each time, besides that, guerrila games is using an old engine. Both games look amazing for their type/style.

Malphite1731d ago

@Lukas: Crysis 3, Battlefield 3, Arma 3, Metro: Last Light just to name a few. i'm not saying these games will look better on a $400 PC though. Like I said for a console shooter KZ looks good though.

1731d ago
Studio-YaMi1731d ago

You do know that Killzone:Shadow Fall has destructible environments .. right !?

kiz26941731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )


Do your research, you'l find most of the levels in Killzone SF will have an Open world element to them, with multiple objectives, and optional routes to take

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mhunterjr1731d ago

The graphics are really nice. I want to see a demo that shows the AI. I hate that they always play on easy.

Ju1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

There is plenty of AI @ around 17:20. Not sure if that's on easy. That guy has play this before, this is pretty obvious, but at times he got spanked pretty badly. It opened with stealth game play, which is pretty interesting, actually.

PurpHerbison1731d ago

Stealth gameplay. Oh the innovation.

Ju1730d ago

What's that supposed to mean? Stealth in an open world environment is new to KZ. So, yes, I find this quite interesting.

Gamingcapacity1731d ago

Looking good. The best looking launch game by far.