The Philosophy of Naughty Dog

The leads behind The Last of Us talk about the working environment at Naughty Dog and share their personal histories with the company.

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pedrof931515d ago

Whatever they do, for me, they will be always synonym with Jak and Daxter.

Thehyph1515d ago

Says the guy with the Crash avatar. :D

Maybe you should have a J&D avatar!

Walker1515d ago

They are the best developers in the industry right now !

j-blaze1515d ago

lol far from it...wake me up when they actually make something original and creative without ripping off other ppl's ideas/work and likenesses like they did with Ellen Page and Nathan Fillion

majiebeast1515d ago

Inb4 J-blaz... Nevermind.

Thehyph1515d ago

Ahahaha. This comment is golden.

I didn't know that Naughty Dog were neither creative nor original. The script for The Last Of Us is one of the finest examples of post apocalyptic fiction in existence.

While I know nothing about Nathan Fillion, the Ellen Page likeness is a joke. Ellie looks like Ashley Johnson, not Ellen Page. If you can't see that, then you should probably get an eye exam.

Ezz20131515d ago

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this is what i read every time i see a comment from J-blaze

DigitalRaptor1515d ago

I find j-blaze's double standards hilariously tragic.

Calls Naughty Dog arrogant for wanting to change the way the industry looks at storytelling. Loves David Cage.

Calls out Naughty Dog games for being short linear and slow. Praises Quantic Dream's games.

It's not hard to see where the blind, desperate and baseless hate comes from.

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1515d ago
Pancit_Canton1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

I want to work there someday. Maybe I should move to Santa Monica take internship just like Neil and work there as a game programmer. My current job as a HMI programmer just doesn't cut it anymore.