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Need for Speed Rivals is a must have for racers like my self. You can definitely feel the Adrenaline Rush when doing over 120 mph on large traffic filled freeways. whats so exiting about Need for Speed Rivals is there's a cop mode now available, yes we can now play cop and chase and pull over some street racers......

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WeAreLegion1673d ago

How does it play compared to Most Wanted? Without Criterion, I'm concerned.

Remy_S1673d ago

I believe Ghost Games is composed of a lot of former Criterion devs.

KUV19771673d ago

I played it at GamesCom and it didn't really play a lot different than Most Wanted. Even elements like the speed cams are back in.
Before trying it, it was a 'may buy', after playing it it was a 'most probably buy', and now that DriveClub is delayed it is a 'will definately buy' from me.

WeAreLegion1673d ago

Thanks. I'm getting it then. :)

1673d ago
TacticAce1673d ago

Is this a joke? How did this get approved???

iRobotGaming1673d ago

lol, come on guys give me a Break, I'm not a pro at this, I'm actually pretty new, just a blogger, speaking my own opinion and reviews. But I'm getting better everyday with my content.

Liamabob1673d ago

How on earth did this get approved?

BTBuck11673d ago

worst. "review'. Ever.

DareDareCaro1673d ago

Great review! Got my questions all answered and I'm preordering now! Thanks!

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