Playstation 4 interview (rAge 2013)

GES had the marvelous opportunity at rAge 2013 to interview the CEO of SCE and Product Manager. Below is Teron Morgan’s take on the interview and below that Linda Jager has her Q&A’s

With the PlayStation 4 launching on December 13th across South Africa, I had the privilege of interviewing Mario Dos Santos the SCE CEO of PlayStation Europe as well as Robert Fisser the SCE Product Manager. This was an experience I will not soon forget.

The PlayStation 4 has come across to be most cost effective next gen console and is launching with 33 great titles all available before the end of this calendar year, so PlayStation does feel that they are off to a very good start.

With a lot of emphasis being placed on the new controller – its hands on capability, better dual shock interaction and an easy to reach touch pad – PlayStation feel they have the best controller on the market. With remote play available at any instant you can immediately switch to your PlayStation Vita...

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