PlayStation 4 trophies start appearing for Playroom, Skylanders and FIFA 14

PlayStation 4 launch is near and there might be some lucky users out there with a PlayStation 4. We have got a listing for several PlayStation 4 titles on

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ShinnokDrako1729d ago

Damn, i'm so jealous.... i want my ps4!! ;((
I'm in EU, so i'm going to get one the 29th of November and i can't wait ;(

Iltapalanyymi1729d ago

ME TOO M8! this is frustrating but only 38 days left! :3

sigfredod1728d ago

I understand your pain, i only need to wait until 19th but the waiting is so hard

kornbeaner1729d ago

This could very easly be a debug unit set for live testing. Being so close to launch I wouldn't be surprised if they are starting to test the trophy servers to make sure they work.