GameSpy: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 PC Review

GameSpy writes: "In the past, PC players have received rather mixed results when it comes to console ports of popular Clancy games, but Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 does a good job of replicating the console experience almost identically. So spot-on is the resemblance that you would be just as well-served to read the Xbox 360 review as to continue reading this one. Everything, from the A.C.E.S. ranking system to the hit-or-miss AI enemies and Team Rainbow members, is recreated almost exactly as it appears in the console version... and as the console version was a great game, albeit a bit iterative in comparison to the first, so too is Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 an incredibly fun and entertaining shooter with just a smidgen of squad-based tactics thrown in to keep things interesting."

-Crystal-clear, brilliant graphics
-Deep multiplayer component dovetails with single-player game

-No bonus content over the console versions
-Not as in-depth as the classic Rainbow PC titles

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