Simon Says: I'm Slightly Worried About The PS4 Launch

GameNTrain author Simon Marshal says: The initial PS4 reveal and E3 seem as though they happened a very long time ago and, in gaming, four months is a long time. Games such as Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 14 and The Last of Us have all proven to be great successes when we know that the next generation of consoles aren’t too far away. Until a few days ago, I was very much looking forward to picking up my pre-ordered PS4 on launch day as I wanted to experience the future of console gaming as quickly as possible. With recent delays as well as several rumours, I have become a little sceptical about the launch games for the PS4.

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PoSTedUP1760d ago

simon says youre a moron.

theBAWSE1760d ago


I guess he thinks those launch games will last him 8 years, 8 years of enjoyment nothing else matters ... dickhead

judging by past consoles of Microsoft and Sony you know with Sony you will be catered for even when a newer console is on the horizon, FACT is Microsoft have done the opposite of their only two consoles... FACT

fardan851760d ago

I have to disagree with the author, Gamers should pick the console for what it will offer during 5 years and more, not just based on launch titles.
What if few games got delayed to make them better? there are still other games. Buying a console is investment not a quick buy and trash.
Games will come to PS4 & XB1. Just like this year, ps3 got some great games and the same will happen with PS4, Sony will support their console for long time.
Guys choose your console and enjoy the games you will get, this gen is promising with Infamous, the order, NaughtDog ips, SantaMonica, Quantom Break, Forza, Halo and the multiplatform games.
Greatness Awaits gamers.

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Imalwaysright1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

True. Sony kept delivering while MS took games from the 360 to inflate their X1 launch lineup. There is definetely a difference in how these companies treat their fanbase and that is why for now I'm only considering getting a PS4 and will wait 2 or 3 years to see if MS will end up having the same strategy they had in the current gen: 3 exclusives, kinect games and DLC.

Insomnia_841760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

This is the kind of stuff that Simon should be worrying about, the constant truths coming about the Xbone as it nears release date, the classic Microsoft bs stunts smh...

shoddy1760d ago

My title is I can't wait for it to launch

zeee1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

------------------------------ ------------------------------ - -----------------------

"With two of the three games bound to be on the must-have list to many gamers out there, you simply cannot compare the two, in my opinion. Killzone has seemed to lack that cutting edge which makes Call of Duty, Battlefield and Far Cry stand out first-person shooters. Knack is probably the Playstation’s version of Ryse in that it will probably not meet expectations. Dead Rising 3 does look very fun to play and Forza Motorsport offers the Xbox audience what they want in regards to track racing. The only way the PS4 could compete with that would be if Gran Turismo 6 was released on launch, even if Drive Club proves not to be delayed as well."

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------------------

I highly disagree. If the author has JUST started his console gaming experience than yeah, ok, maybe, I could understand but if you have been gaming in the past then you KNOW that you won't be buying a console only based on the launch offering. I mean you could, it is your money after all but, that doesn't make much logic unless you are planning to sell your console once you have played the initial offerings (who does that?).

You'd probably buy a console based on the previous generations and track record.

MS gave us some great games such as Forza, Gears of War, Halo but that's about it. Sony's provided with so many options that it gets hard to count them. I remember back in 2006-2007, people used to complain how Sony lacked in software and they were mostly right. MS CLEARLY had the lead but then Sony started flexing its first party muscle and they haven't stopped since then. So much so that the argument has been reversed to "360 doesn't have many (first party) games". Third party exclusives are very rare now and the amount of first party exclusives will continue to shrink. Bungie made the jump but so did Insomniac and so forth.

I am buying PS4 for two major reasons:

1/ I love Sony's exclusives. No fanboyism here. Don't get me wrong, I don't love all of them but yeah, most of them are some very nice, highly rated games.

2/ I have lost all my trust in MS. Yes, they reversed their policies but that was not for my or your benefit. That was simply a numbers game. I just don't trust them at all. I did buy a 360 and enjoyed it a lot. Mine didn't RROD either (Jasper). It's just that MS was the first company to jump on the NSA spying bandwagon and then their anti-consumer policies have left a very bad taste in my mouth. Secondly, they HEAVILY rely on third-party timed exclusive DLC and FPS games.

All of this could change. Perhaps MS will change their reliance on third party timed exclusive deals. Perhaps they'll come out swinging but until that happens, I am going to go with their track record. It's like they gave up on the hardcore gaming audience in the later years of the 360 lifecycle.

I like Battlefield, Killzone but there are only so many FPS games that I can play without getting bored.

So there, I respect the author's opinion but I highly disagree with it and I think his analysis on this matter is deeply flawed.

Blackdeath_6631760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

the reasoning he uses for not playing KZ:SF is that he didn't like 10mins of KZ2? WTF?! i knew some people will make articles about the ps4 launch line-up i saw it a mile away and made a comment here saying exactly why i think the launch line-up is actually stronger than ever.

Freedomland1760d ago

Freedomland Says: I'm Slightly Worried About The Simon's mental state.

Eonjay1760d ago

Has anyone noticed that the PS4 still has the biggest launch in gaming history. It has the best looking console games of all time Shadow Fall, And its gonna run in 1080P.

FunkMacNasty1760d ago

This seems like a stealth fanboy opinion article.

My favorite was this line "Killzone has seemed to lack that cutting edge which makes Call of Duty," what??????????????

I can understand holding off on buying a ps4 for a few months because of too many launch games being delayed but, with the exception of Drive Club, the other delays are multi-plat releases, so I don't understand his logic that because Watchdogs has been delayed, people will flock to switch their pre-order to an XB1.

Boody-Bandit1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Brutallyhonest says: Simon should stick to children's games and leave gaming to the gamers.

As a once MS mainstream gamer I am switching teams this upcoming generation. Sony has proven themselves to me to offer more to their consumers across the board for the entire life cycle of their products.

To me, something most consumers probably don't care as much about but I do, the single most important aspect I like about Sony is that their hardware is open ended and non proprietary. That gives you so many more options and usually saves you a ton of cash and hassles without having to deal with proprietary products / add-ons.

aawells071759d ago

Why are you acting like a child? Serious question.

SuperBlur1759d ago

" I guess he thinks those launch games will last him 8 years, 8 years of enjoyment nothing else matters ... dickhead "

hahahahaha, can't stop laughing now!

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black0o1760d ago

to tell the true i like how sony handling the Ps4 titles u see games coming up after two-3 month after the launch which is nice and keeps the support for the system until spring when the 3rd-parties release the spring wave of titles ..

and i dunno how many titles will hit the xbone .. they may get dry

SharnOfTheDEAD1760d ago

Well it's the best line up ever as far as I'm concerned, I'm happy with Killzone, knack the 3rd party titles and all those Indies along with the free2 play games, the only games I feel like I'm missing out on are Ryse and Dead Rising. I'm buying a PS4 mainly because I'm interested on all that's on offer. If casuals want to bitch and moan because there's only one game they wanted and are throwing a sissy fit then why the hell you spending over £350 just for a console and one game?

ForgivenZombie1760d ago

I believe Simon is an xbone fanboy struggling with the real issues.

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Edward751759d ago

Wow. All thes e hateful comments about this guy. He is only buying a ps4 at launch. And he did say he is buying one for the games he knows will come. He also stated he will get an xbone down the road. I really think many of you guys didn't read the entire article.

He's getting a PS4 at launch,getting an xbone later down the road, just has "slight worries" about the launch. Not down the road... The Launch. Look at all these posts. People need to read and not take a side based on the title.

rela82me1759d ago

People bashed the xbox for lack of support in the end of their cycle, but now that Sony has nothing in the beginning of their cycle they are okay? I would feel better about spending $400 and having more than ONE game to play that is an exclusive AAA title. I wouldn't but a gaming console to play 5 or 6 indie titles in between your launches of UC, and GoW...

The PS4 has some promising titles don't get me wrong, but why by the console now if all of the titles worth anything launches MONTHS after launch. Might as well delay the controller until 2014 because no one will need to use it...

PoSTedUP1759d ago

because third party games, idk if you know that people still play thoes...
and killzone, with preorders being up there next to bf and cod
and indies
its selling like Hotcakes : )

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FlameHawk1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Yeah because when I buy a console, its just for launch titles and nothing else /s. I honestly don't care for the launch titles because they aren't going to be the only games that will be released and I know that Sony ALWAYS delivers the exclusive and like most people that are going to spend $400, they are going to spend their money on the company that will support it years after. Look at Microsoft with all their exclusives because just like Microsoft said they are going to support the Xbox 360 for 3 more years. I can see all the exclusives like Gears of War Judgement and ummmmmm.....

Ezz20131760d ago

don't forget VGA 2013
we gonna see the next games from sony's studios like SSM,ND etc on ps4

it gonna be bloodbath

wsoutlaw871759d ago

im so excited to see those games

XboxFun1759d ago

Funny that everyone disregards the launch line up all of a sudden. When the WiiU launched everyone on this site was "WHERE ARE THE GAMES!?"

But Sony gets a pass with their very lackluster line up and a bunch of indie games that have been ported over.

And uuuuummm how about Titanfall, Max the Brotherhood, Zoo Tycoon and others coming for the 360.

It's good that you all can justify your PS4 purchase but please don't bash the other console who is definitely supporting their system out the gate with an impressive launch line up of games.

rela82me1759d ago

So you criticize MS for not delivering exclusives the end of the generation, yet now that Sony has no support for the BEGINNING it is acceptable. You could say that they are saving the good titles for later, but then couldn't you say the same about MS? They obviously saved Ryse and a few other titles for a later date. Both companies are doing the same thing just at different times.

I think it is more important to have titles at the start of a generation, than lacking them at the end because they are trying to make them for superior hardware. You may enjoy the titles that PS4 has to offer more, that's totally acceptable. The genres of exclusivity tend to trend in different paths for both consoles. However to say that Sony supports their system throughout the life of their console obviously are looking past November.

Majin-vegeta1760d ago

Wow,one game is delayed on PS4 and it's whole farking Armageddon *rolls eyes*.

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_QQ_1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

2 games counting Drive club, just saiyan.

SkippyPaccino1760d ago

Didn't Microsoft cancel 90% of its launch kinect specific games? Ryse should get delayed but won't. Now Forza means something? It's their 4th Forza game in 6 years... That's milking it...

mrpsychoticstalker1760d ago

Your entire list of games is worthless. A bunch of indies . Nothing more . Get a ps3 instead

wishingW3L1760d ago

The Crew, Watchdog and Driveclub all delayed and let's be honest, this will affect the PS4 more than the Xbox. The Xbox has many games that will not be on the PS4 like Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Killer Instinct while PS4 only has Knack and Killzone.

Cupid_Viper_31760d ago

While I agree that the Multiplat Delays affects the PS4 more, as it will most likely have the bigger install base, thus more people affected.

That Line is a lot of nonsense: "The Xbox has many games that will not be on the PS4 like Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Killer Instinct while PS4 only has Knack and Killzone."

The PS4 has:

War Thunder
PlanetSide 2

And a bunch of other games to play. And when the new 2014 comes, you can bet the PS4 will still have more games available for it than the competition as well.

humbleopinion1760d ago

But the thing is that nobody in their right mind will buy a console for hundreds of dollars in order to play some ports of F2P PC games. It doesn't make sense

Nor will they probably shell out these sums of money just for small downloadable titles like Resogun on the PS4 or LocoCycle on the XB1, as good as they hopefully turn out to be.

The real reason for owning a next gen hardware at launch is to play the big exclusive games or expecting to see a big leap from last gen.

So recently both consoles took a hit with Watch Dogs, but it hit the PS4 harder because this game was actually a very popular day-one PS4 bundle. People who now can't play this game might opt out from their bundle and wait for 2014 instead.

And then we have the delay of Driveclub, which was also supposed to be a PS+ incentive being available on release. The PS4 is left with just two big exclusive retail titles: Knack and Killzone. One is a brand new IP with a big question mark surrounding it, and the other is a new release in a popular franchise, but one that saw better and worse games throughout the last generations. It also has to compete on the online multiplayer community directly with the 2 biggest FPS games on the market.

The XB1 selection is still more varied: you have your expected racing games - the only console game to pull amazing graphics with 1080/60p all around in both single and multiplayer, and also coming from the developers with the best track record in the racing genre.
then you also have your brand new IP with a big question mark, but it is at least guaranteed to look stunning, coming from a developer known for amazing eye candy (and their games in the past too gens were also pretty decent).
On top of that you have your exclusive open-world franchise, so even without Watch Dogs there is still an exclusive offering in the genre. And with zombies being as popular as ever it's guaranteed to have some traction and following.
And then there's the black sheep: a 2D fighting game coming from a developer holding a pretty bad track record, but it is still reliving a very popular IP, and also offering a free version for people to try out. Having an average fighting game is probably better than having nothing at all, right?

So it looks like the selection if proper retail exclusives on the Xbox one is about twice as big (And that is excluding games we expect to be shovelware/casual like powerstar golf and zoo tycoon).
2014 might change things around with more and more exclusive delivering next gen experience like infamous and the recently delayed Driveclub. But that's for next year speculations.

ForgivenZombie1760d ago

What about all the free to plays, they look better than most of xbones line up. the only game that xbone has is Titanfall and maybe DR3 if you haven't gotten sick of the series yet.

humbleopinion1758d ago

Actually they don't come close - but that's the nature of F2P games that have to run high player count. They just can't compare graphically to proper games focused on a polished campaign.
I mean the last lauded F2P from Sony was Dust514, and we now know how that turns out. So let's take F2P PC ports with a pinch of salt.

And yes, people can get of a series like Dead Rising I guess (assuming they played it on the Xbox 360 which was the only platform to feature both DR1 and DR2). But if 2 games over the course of 7+ years makes you sick of a specific series, what would you say about the Killzone or Infamous series? Aren't people going to be just as sick of these series if not more?

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lonz3581760d ago

You can be worried while I'm having a blast when it's release.

CapsLocke1760d ago

Yeah, blast from upcoming issues. Have fun.

lonz3581760d ago

You have the system? Please tell me the issues your having, troll.

KwietStorm1760d ago

Upcoming issues. Care to detail them?

Insomnia_841760d ago

Ummm, last time I checked, it was a guy testing the XBone saying that it's going to release with problems simar to that of the 360.

ziggurcat1760d ago


Don't you know that xbox trolls don't have the ability to back up any of their nonsense with proof?

CapsLocke1760d ago

Funny how I being called xbox troll when i never owned any xbox. Stupid n4g retards.

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fpshooter21760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

"Killzone has seemed to lack that cutting edge which makes Call of Duty, Battlefield and Far Cry stand out first-person shooters"

Is this a joke. This article is so one sided its hard to take it serious. He says that he wont be buying killzone SF because he didnt enjoy killzone 2. The article also says that he knows knack wont be any good. So i guess this person has been to the future and played the full game already.

So just because he feels like the X1 has a better line up hes worried about ps4 launch? I guess his opinion holds more weight than Sony's numbers.

What a fn joke.