Playstation 4 and Xbox One Store and Box Display Photos

Skewed and Reviewed have posted images of the box and display setups for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One systems. With only a few weeks left until the debut of the systems, excitement is building.


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could go either way on those boxes. the black xboner boxes looked so sweet...i cant believe theyve decided to go with the all green look.

Garethvk1801d ago

They said they may still change but this is what they were sent to display so that is what they put out. They may roll out something new when the PS 4 launches. They had the PS 4 camera boxes as well.

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JCOLE131951801d ago

The Day One Edition boxes are the black ones. The Standard Edition boxes are the green ones.

HolyDuck1801d ago

I hope Sony do something fancy with their packaging this time round. With the 360 you opened the box and your console was sitting there all nicely wrapped.

With the Playstation you just pulled it out and it had two what looked like egg cartons on the side of it and the cables tucked in little boxes.

Only time will tell.

Garethvk1801d ago

Thats true. I remember how fast it was to get it out of the box and setup.

KwietStorm1801d ago

lol and that's actually relevant?

LackTrue4K1801d ago

your worried about the inside of a box, yet you make a duck face on your avatar picture?!


HolyDuck1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Why're you all so mad that I don't like how the PS3 is boxed? Does it somehow affect you that I have a different opinion to you? I somewhat doubt it does. So grow up.

KwietStorm - It may not be relevant to you, but I am allowed to share my opinions, I wasn't aware that everything I say has to be relevant to you.

GribbleGrunger - Thanks for the reply, you really must of earned all those bubbles with one word replies, congratulations.

As for "OnYourSistersBack", I'd love to know how that is a "duck face".

It's my opinion, I am allowed to voice it, get over it.

Kurt Russell1801d ago

You're right, you are welcome to share your opinions as is everyone... but there is enough drivvle clogging up the internet so sometimes it's worth refraining, especially when it's about something as damn insignificant as a products packaging... just my opinion.

maddfoxx1801d ago

You do know those egg cartons are there to protect the console from damage during shipping, right?

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mkis0071801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Ahh if only they chose a non green color way back when they made the brand. From a marketing perspective I don't get it.

Disclaimer: blue is my favorite color. green is my least favorite along with brown.

Garethvk1801d ago

It does seem a bit basic but I guess they wanted a more simplistic box. Lets be honest, they both could be wrappe din papper bags and it would do little to dampen those who wanted to buy them.

For me as long as they arrive safely and work I am not as big on what the box it comes in looks like. That beings said, a bit of color and excitement is needed as it makes it more attractive and when you have more casual consumers you need to catch their attention.

Langkasuka1801d ago

Nothing against the colour or the console but I wished Xbox team had chosen a more subtle palette. There were cases at the Wii launch where thieves lay wait for console buyers outside shops before attacking and running off with their consoles. I hope the store workers wrap the box completely because the Xbox green box is very loud and huge to carry.

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