Battlefield 4: Full DualShock 4 Controller Layout Revealed

Take a look at Dualshock 4 controller layout of Battlefield 4.

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lonz3581492d ago

I just wanna see some direct feed gameplay.

1492d ago
FunkMacNasty1491d ago

I'm glad they moved the aim/fire to L2/R2 triggers. That was my major complaint with the DS3 on (most) ps3 games. The L1/R1 feel cheap and plasticy, while the triggers have a nice weighted response.. and once I attatched a pair of L2/R2 trigger extensions for my DS3, any ps3 games that utilized L2 and R2 for aim/shoot mechanics just felt sooo right..

Comnnsence1491d ago

@ FunkMacNasty ... Man I tried giving you 500 likes for that comment. The L1/R1 for aiming and shooting felt awkward of which turned me away from man PS3 games. The sad part is that they never gave you the option to manually adjust it to your fittings. I wonder why!

majiebeast1492d ago

i was hoping for it being customizable.

KwietStorm1492d ago

Hoping against hope. For the life of me, I cannot understand why developers don't just give us the options. It's not like anyone is getting an advantage over someone else.

MWong1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

I hopr they have that veteran option that was available on the beta. That was very close to the BF3 controller layout.

UnHoly_One1491d ago

In this day and age I don't understand why every game doesn't have fully customizable controls.

I can't think of one good reason why they don't.

GTgamer1492d ago

Putting that Touchpad to use i see lets hope it works well.

BobBelcher1492d ago

eh, I was hoping for something more 'in-game.'
- weapons swap
- grenade toss

nevin11492d ago

If not mistaken, Touchpad in this game will be replacing the missing select button.

Anyway, I still prefer R1 to shoot.

elhebbo161492d ago

You should probably touch the new DS4 triggers before picking preferences... unless you already have ofc.

quinten4881492d ago

Yea, pretty much all PS3 owners will prefer L1 R1 on PS4.

Bathyj1492d ago

I dont care what the triggers are like, I still like R1/L1. On my Trigger finger.

DOMination-1492d ago

The whole point of the trigger buttons is that you usr them as triggers. I know DS3 was crap in this area but you ps3 gamers need to ppay it first before moaning. This is one main reason why 360 controller was best this gen and soon you'll get that too with ds4.

BaSeBaLlKiD7211492d ago

It's actually one of the reasons why I hated the 360 controllers. Hated using the triggers to shoot. R1 feels much more responsive and quicker.

Maninja1491d ago

On the PS3 the select button is used to bring up battlelog.

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trenso11492d ago

nope i want L1 and R1 to be aim and shoot that is that only thing i dont like about this layout but im sure there will be other layouts. Ill just have to wait.

Swiftcricket1492d ago

The legacy controller layout should have you covered.

nitrogav1492d ago

What is the legacy layout ? . I feel strongly about the new layout on the beta . So much so I really think I will not be buying Battlefield 4 . Why Dice have changed them so much is beyond me .

Swiftcricket1492d ago

It's a layout that's being added that caters to people that prefer the layout of BF3, which means it should include the switching of the shoulder buttons.

trenso11491d ago

Yea it probably will i read of it in the bf4 hopefully there is something similar. On the ps4 version.

colonel1791492d ago

I would assign AIM to to L1 and GRENADE to L2. I think SHOOT with R2 will feel right with the new triggers, but aiming would still be better with L1. Obviously I still need to try the controller and touch it for the first time, so that is just speculative.

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