Trevor fills in for Gosling in GTA V Drive

Pixels for Breakfast writes: If you are a fan of the movie Drive, chances are you will have relived some of your favourite moments from the mesmerising film within Grand Theft Auto V already. Our newest video editor Jeff Sanders wanted to see if Trevor could fill in for Ryan Gosling as he roamed the streets of Los Santos.

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gigoran1674d ago

That movie had FANS? wow... learn something new every day.

1674d ago
hellerphant1674d ago

I like that Trevor is the subject as the song implores that he is a real human being haha.

Mr_cheese1674d ago

I was looking forward to watching this fan version, but it was terrible.

Dee_911673d ago

I agree
it was just gta v with Drive music.The driving through the ls river was probably the only creative thing about it.