Console Monster: Echochrome Hands On

Console Monster writes: "'It's important that you first experience the 5 laws that rule this world.

The first mystery is perspective traveling. Change the perspective and connect the path. The character will walk as if the path is connected. In this world, what you see becomes the truth.

The second mystery is perspective landing. The character will land on whatever appears to be below.

The third mystery is perspective existence. You may not be able to see it, but there is a path.

The fourth mystery is perspective absence. Hide the obstruction and it no longer exists.

The last mystery is perspective jump. Where you want to jump is up to you. Shift the perspective and follow the echo.'

That's the opening tutorial for Echochrome and is Sony's way of explaining how the game works. Make sense? Well, no, probably not. Before you read anymore of this tutorial, I suggest you find a video of Echochrome in action and watch how the game works, that will make my explanation of the game easier to understand... Done that?"

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DevonTheDude5353888d ago

Did you use the Japanese demo? Just curious

AshtarGoken3888d ago

I am really excited about this one. Watching all the videos made me very curious about how the game progresses. I can't wait!

level 3603887d ago

I read on the Australian PS3 website that they'll release this game over here by May.
Have downloaded the demo version from the Japanese PS3 Store and really liked the game. Will definitely buy it once it comes-out.
It's so deceivingly simple, and very enjoyable to play.