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Submitted by I_live_4_fun 845d ago | article

EB Expo 2013 – PS4 and XB1 highlights

Good Game ANZ were at the recent EB Expo 2013 in Sydney, where Spec, our intrepid gaming sleuth, checked out both of the upcoming next-gen consoles. Read on for impressions of the two new pieces of gaming hardware goodness that will be making gamers smile in a around a month’s time. (Driveclub, EB Expo, Forza Motorsport 5, Gran Turismo 6, Industry, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

GraphicX  +   845d ago
Forza 5 looking terrific.
Gran Turismo 6 looking same same.
Drive Club having jaggies ?

Appears the X1 might be the hottest spot for racing sims, particularly with those new modular wheels from MadCatz announced.
Axe99  +   845d ago
The X1 will be the hottest spot for racers, but Forza's no sim ;). At this stage, neither next-gen machine has a sim racer on the horizon.
GraphicX  +   845d ago
Given you've probably never played Forza 5 it gives your comment a lot of credit.
Axe99  +   845d ago
@ Graph - read a hands-on at "Good Game Bro" (our cousins, lol) and by all accounts it sounds like the AI wouldn't make it around one lap of Mount Panorama without getting red carded.

Forza is the sim for people that don't actually want a sim, but don't want to feel they're driving an arcade racer ;).
Bigpappy  +   844d ago
You should be more mad at the article than at GraphicX for highlighting what was said.

The writer also likes DR3, Ryse and Kinect. Sounds like he is thinking of switching to X1.

If that makes you mad then that is because you are too loyal. Nobodies fault but yours.
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Axe99  +   844d ago
@ Bigpappy - the article didn't mention anything about the nature of the AI in Forza or Driveclub (or any other games while we're at it), and I was in no way suggesting the X1 or, indeed, Forza 5, weren't top-notch. I was just noting that Forza has a history of suggesting it's a sim when its AI is anything but. It's still a great game ;). I definitely didn't disagree with anything in the article, I think it's well put together, and my first comment under the article itself is hardly anti-Xbox ;).

As for loyalty, I'm not sure what you're referring to. I played and enjoyed Forza 4, although I enjoyed it a lot more when I stopped trying to play it for the sim it was reviewed as, and just went blasting around the track watching the other cars bounce off each other and fly off the corners. It was genuinely fun, technically well put together and very well endowed with tracks, cars and events. It was also no-where near a sim, and I'd expect no different from Forza 5. Hence why I call Forza for gamers that don't actually want to play a sim, but kinda want to pretend they have ;).
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ZHZ90  +   845d ago
*Looks at that Green Sport Forza Car With Written Xbox on it!*

I wished if I was there to try out the controllers mysekf, good to know DS4 is getting positive.
Urzusix  +   844d ago
I hate racing sims @.@ Give me Burnout, Crashing cars is much more fun
GraphicX  +   844d ago
for me, games like that (along with shift 2 etc) are great to just let off some steam. but to hold my personal long term interest, it has to have a great sense of realism, not just from graphics, sounds etc, but in the way the cars feel, perform & behave.
Axe99  +   844d ago
Forza's kinda half-way in-between - you get a _lot_ more car-to-car contact then in a racing sim, and Forza 4's damage at least (can't comment on 5, haven't played it yet) was very light on, nothing like the old TOCA series, and there was a generous amount of rubber-banding so the races never felt dull. With all the assists on, Forza's handling is _very_ forgiving, and the structure of the game is really well put together and enjoyable, and the online is fleshed out and fun :). I wouldn't write it off, and if you're getting an X1 early, it's likely well worth a look, as looks to be one of the better early titles for their system.

Would steer clear of the likes of Gran Turismo, iRacing and Project Cars though. Their a bit more realistic (and for some, a bit less fun).
Archaon87  +   844d ago
Really wish I could have made it to EBExpo this year.
Adolph Fitler  +   844d ago
Forza & Driveclub LOOKED pretty identically god to me...GTA6 was more impressive than both considering it was running on PS3's, so I'd take this shit with a grain of salt...Dead Rising 3 looked very underwhelming & played more repetative than anything else I've ever played, my friend & I both walked away from our game, before our time was even up......Ryse looked pretty nice when I was way back, then when I walked up close it looked barely better than a 360 game graphically. So, MS fanboys, I wouldn't be declaring victory just yet, as nothing excelled on either console & screamed out welcome to next gen, & that includes the one I was most looking forward to in Killzone:SF....I only played the MP & 1 map, so I'm hoping it was a bad representation, as everyone knows that some maps can be darker, less colorful & such than others, & also, EVERY shot & gameplay vid I've seen of the single player campaign depicts a totally different beast to the MP.
Regardless, I have my PS4 locked in with a pre-order, & will be getting KZ:SF, Knack, Watchdogs, Assassins Creed:BF, COD:Ghosts, BF4, as well as the maybe's in Driveclub, The Crew & a handfull of D/L-able games. And I know my investment will keep on paying off over the gens lifespan.

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