What to expect in Ghosts, the Next-Gen Call of Duty

Call of Duty has undeniably become one of the most popular and dominant game franchises throughout this current generation of gaming. But with the arrival of next-gen consoles and many other more impressive titles on the horizon, this article will explore what features and changes Call of Duty: Ghosts will bring in the hopes of keeping the long-standing franchise alive and relevant for next-gen.

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obelix011460d ago

I don't want to see quick scoping.

The_Infected1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

I agree. I hate that stupid fake crap! People think they're so cool doing it. It's not realistic and everyone takes advantage of it. You can be a good player and some stupid quick scope person that sucks kills you constantly.

Pandamobile1460d ago

Since when was anybody playing COD expecting any sort of realism?

The_Infected1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

What I'm saying is quick scoping takes the fun out of the game for some people. Going around using a gun "made" for stealth and accuracy and using it for quick scoping goes completely against what a sniper should be.

Eonjay1460d ago

I really don't think people are expecting anything different. Its a point of comfort for some people, and great contention for others. For a lot a gamers, Ghosts is the next major map update and nothing more. Its my hope that the campaign will be memorable, but honestly I don't remember the stories for more than a few months.

Whats the point of taking risks when the same formula can sell 10 million copies the first week, and yet all we have seen is a space shuttle and a dog.

Then again maybe brainless fun is the best kind.

KillrateOmega1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

I don't even understand why quick-scoping is still so popular after all these years. It's not even effective. You die way more often than you get kills.

The_Infected1460d ago

Obviously that's subjective. Just watch Faze. They're people who live for this quick scoping shit.

MethCupcakes1459d ago

@The_infected Yeah, but those videos are fake.. They're all set up.. Besides when I turned 15 it stopped being cool and just became flipping annoying.

1460d ago
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Matt6661459d ago

I agree also tone down the power of the knife, it's way over powered.

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Pancit_Canton1460d ago

Same S*** different name and a bunch of 12yrs old.

itsRehabTime1460d ago

i cant see many 12 year olds with a next gen comp.

Beastforlifenoob1459d ago

Same shit?
There are 10 mario games being released this year and have never seen some people compaining about it as much as cod even though there have been that many cod's in like 5 years.

JetsFool35001459d ago

Because Nintendo has been milking mario since day 1

ritsuka6661459d ago

It looks exactly the same as every other iteration of Call of Duty ... Yeah yeah yeah, same shit different cover.

antz11041457d ago

LMAO, guaranteed half of the people b%tching here will be buying it day one.

I'll be honest, I'll pay $60 for an entire new map set if thats all it is. Its mindless fun.

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The_Truth_24_71460d ago

Pew! Pew! That's what I expect.

hiptanaka1460d ago

Expect the exact same thing as the last 6 years.


Qs,tactical ins,commando knife and ks needs to go

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The story is too old to be commented.