TakuCast Zero: Episode 20: Why Was WatchDogs Delayed, BF5 Already & Best Moments Of This Gen

GUN and Badger once again are here to talk about the latest news making the gaming headlines including the delays of Watch Dogs and DriveClub. They also take a look back at the best moments of the current gen before we move into the next, as well as a bunch of other random bits and bobs. Finally, in the spirit of Halloween, they continue their real ghost stories, but has Badger been dead the whole time? Answers below.

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stavrami1798d ago

Hard to say best moment of current gen IMO so many great games this year , I think I would like to play South Park before I decided my fav game this year

digitalwolf1798d ago

i still haven't even seen gameplay of it yet :P

generic-user-name1798d ago

I think it's different for different people, everyone will have their own moments.

1798d ago