PS3 Exclusive Drakengard 3 Gets a Livestream Tomorrow, Will Probably Show Sky Battles with Dragons

The PS3 Exclusive JRPG Drakengard 3 (Drag-on Dragoon 3) is going to be released in Japan on December the 19th and in the west next year, and tomorrow morning Square Enix is going to broadcast a new livestream of the game on Nico Nico.

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Bathyj1732d ago

Im amazed PS3 keeps getting games. How many exclusives has it been just this year alone?

GdaTyler1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Many, lol. PS3 is still going to go strong, even next year. I predict a lifespan close to that of PS2.

Misaka_x_Touma1732d ago

Yoshida said probably wont
if you think it will then you are saying it will end 2019.

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Bathyj1732d ago

Whats wrong with liking exclusives? Not because its my type of game, your right, its not. But I'm glad to know devs still want to work on the console because it shows a pattern of a platform being supported, not abandoned.

I can buy a PS4 knowing great games will still be coming out for it even in 2020. Others have shown if they cant be #1, theyd rather not play at all and move on to the next thing. I prefer the former strategy to the latter.

Dont worry, I wont be claiming this game is the best thing ever just because its exclusive, being exclusive doesnt make it good. Just grateful its still being put out for those that do like it. Its good to have variety. I dont see the problem with that.

I didnt just turn, I was born annoying and just grew bigger.

miyamoto1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Exclusivity is just the icing on the cake, Bathyj.

Let me tell you how important this game is to a Sega Saturn gamer like me.

1st. Sega's Guardian Heroes HD did not make it on PS3 and I was so pissed at Sega and M$ because GH is one of the greatest games on the Sega Saturn and now in HD! Sega had a poll wether to release GH on PSN but is been a long time but nothing was done or announced yet.

Guardian Heroes
Dragon's Crown

But Sony had a much rewarding answer to my dilemma. The answer is Dragon's Crown! And it is fresh and truly next gen exclusive for the PS3! Like GH, DC is so much fun and plays likewise and I was so satisfied.

2nd. Sega's Panzer Dragoon & Panzer Dragoon Saga on the Sega Saturn.

One of the most expensive and hard to find games of all time!
Truly magnificent AAA games fron the 32 bit era.

If Drakengard proves to be in the league of Panzer Dragoon or Panzer Dragoon Saga as a dragon simulator RPG then I will crown it the Dragon's Crown for being the King of RPGs this generation. And ScrewEnix might actually have a shot at redeeming themselves.

PS3 is really the best console this generation.

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SoulSercher6201732d ago

This is the first time I'm getting interested in Drakengard. Hopefully I can see this livestream somehow.

WildArmed1732d ago

Really? I highly recommend the franchise, I esp. loved the dark and level headed protagonist of D2.

SoulSercher6201732d ago

Ok thanx for the advice. I'll definitely look into it.

Dagobert1732d ago

You should try it out. Drakengard 1 and 2 are amazing games, they might not look impressive in the visual department to some other PS2 games but the storyline and gameplay is amazing. If you like games with a dark and twisted plot then you'll like this. Also Nier, since it's technically considered a sequel to Drakengard 1 (one of the endings) although not a direct sequel.

Neckbear1732d ago

The gameplay? No.

Just no.

SoulSercher6201732d ago

Ok thanx for the info. Getting more interested now.

WildArmed1732d ago

lol that flower in the eye thing is going to be bother me for the first few hours of the game.

Asuka1732d ago

i just watched the debut trailer, and i am so hyped for this game! Always welcome more jrpgs! though, i am having a hard time actually completing these games as of late due to school/family/work stuff lol. Still need to get P4G on my vita, finish Xillia, finish HDNVictory, finish pokemon y, finish RoF, and finish Valkyria Chronicles. When Dark Souls 2 comes out i will literally have no time for anything else lol!

WildArmed1732d ago

Completely understand. I have 5 JRPGs sitting wrapped... I'm still trying to wrap up Dragon's Dogma before I move on to the next!

The Great Melon1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Same here. That's blessing and curse of rpgs in general. I always intersperse my RPGs with couple quick FPS or action games to prevent my backlog from growing too much. Needless to say, it's a good problem to have.

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