Great Moments in Metal Gear: Revisiting Shadow Moses

Revisiting Shadow Moses was one of the highlights of Metal Gear Solid 4 for many long time fans. We were now able to see the island from a different perspective, in more than one sense.

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MajorAly1762d ago

Despite what others say, Metal Gear Solid 4 still to this date looks as good of a game as any released recently or in the last year.

It was a perfect fan service which tied up all the loose ends.

Irishguy951762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

It's my least favorite MGS game due to the fan service and cheesiness. But Shadow Moses was an awesome moment.

Agree with the graphics too.

Nitrowolf21762d ago

Yea I can't say it's my favorite of all the MGS, but that doesn't make it a bad game at all. It's still one of the best I've played this gen and for it's age, still one of the best looking games today.

The moment when you play MGS1 in MGS4 was gold, and then after revisiting it. Absolutely amazing

Nyxus1762d ago

The graphics were amazing and the game still is one of the best when it comes to design, animations, cinematography and attention to detail.

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LackTrue4K1761d ago

100% true!!!!!

I wish they still keep the servers up for its online!! I miss MGO!!

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My_precious1761d ago

played this game 8 time for platium and this mission alway give me goosebumps everytime... my good old day with PS1...

Shuyin1761d ago

It is my personal favorite game of this whole gen with TLoU just close behind it.

Man those gfx still look BEAST. Even until this day. I'm a sucka for dem complicated yet magnificent stories aswell and it is my favorite MGS game tbh.

And oh boy did I whore the online.
Had like 2300 gp and stuff in survival.
I miss this game. It was so funny mocking the spanish people in our EU servers cuz they lagged so much and spammed: "jajaja". <3

I had never been THAT HYPED for any other game before and probably never will be again. I watched every trailer 5 times a DAY. That's how hyped I was.

Wish MGO hadn't been filled with mao'ers and lagswitchers.

I'd give my ass to play a glitch free version again. I'd even play a full price just for MGO.

R.I.P :(

GrandpaSnake1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

mgo1 is up and running most vets are on it right now, youre welcome to join us. LOL at GP talk though... that tupac.... you wouldnt happen to be DS would you?

Shuyin1761d ago

Nah. I'm an european player. Not from the US.

Felt like bragging, sry, lol.

I really think you can tell if someone played MGO when he talks about gee pee xD.

P.S: yh I saw a friend play it but I cba to set all the neccessary stuff up tbh..

djplonker1761d ago

I bought my ps3 in 2010 because I wanted to play this so much!

worth every penny

ALARM-clock1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Otacon: Snake... had a hard life. He needs some time to rest.

Me: :'-(

Nyxus1761d ago

Yeah, that was one of the saddest moments. I also liked the "That guy always keeps you waiting."

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