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MKGaming - "Come with me on a journey, back to 1998 when Pokemon Red and Blue were released, the world went Pokemon mad, my little 12 year old self went along with it. Owning both games and rushing home to watch the new episodes of the cartoon after school. Spending hours with my eyes glued to the squatty looking boy on screen, who was inevitably stretched by the magnifying glass and light add-on for the Gameboy. Back then I thought it’d be the raddest (we still used awesome lingo like that back in the 90s) thing ever to have a fully fledged 3D Pokemon title and the N64 title Pokemon Stadium went some way to scratching that itch, although not fully. Still, it’s 15 years later, I’m 27, my hair is going grey and I make a small grunting noise when I stand up. However, we now, at long last, have a 3D Pokemon title, I just hope it’s worth the 15 year wait."

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