Bungie Posting Destiny Beta Codes This Week

Bungie is teasing on their Destiny Facebook page that codes for the game's beta will be coming this week.

In the post, the studio wrote, "You might want to keep checking back in with us this week; we'll be posting #Destiny Beta codes randomly each day."

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JonahFalcon1010d ago

As much as I want to beta Destiny, I don't have the time to try to hop on a posted code as it comes.

inveni01010d ago

I pre-ordered, so I'm set. (I figure I can always cancel a pre-order!)

UltimateMaster1010d ago

*clicks on the link*
Am I the only one who notice that it was PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4?
(No Xbox One)

Qrphe1010d ago


Quality journalism (game is announced for X1 but no PC)

JonahFalcon1010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

That's because SI didn't create a Xbox One tag. They were experimenting with PS4 by replacing Nintendo DS with it. Right now, all Xbox One games are under the tag Xbox 360 (see: Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, etc).

That's because there will be a new site focusing on PS4 and Xbox One.

As for the PC version, it hasn't been OFFICIALLY announced, but it's a matter of time.

You'll notice the tags HERE are 360, One, PS3 and PS4.

showtimefolks1010d ago

so is this will be like borderlands series with mass effect style worlds?

i hope the loot system is really deep and rewarding unlike borderlands 2(original borderlands had better loot system)

anellunuxe20521010d ago SpamShow
PlayStation_41010d ago

where would you even redeem them? PSN?

JonahFalcon1010d ago

Well, the PC version isn't officially announced. It'll be PSN and/or XBL codes.

stavrami1010d ago

it depends i have known them to have to be redeemed through there thou

JimmyHACK1010d ago

You redeem them on the games beta page. Then once the game launches you can select what platform you want a beta redeem code for on the beta site.

Last_Boss1010d ago

I will gladly test DESTINY out.

JonahFalcon1010d ago

So will I, but I'm not code hunting :p

Saithraphim1010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

Sounds like a PITA trying to get codes. But i really cannot wait to play the real thing

Viking_Socrates1010d ago

I need to actually pre-order this game, I'll probably do it tomorrow as it looks amazing.

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