Sonic Lost World Review - Geeking It Up A Notch

KarlosTheJackal reviews the recently released Sonic Lost World on the Wii U!

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clouds51796d ago

I'm getting really confused. Scores are all over the place for this game... This one is almost 90 while others are really bad like 2/5 etc.

Has anyone already got the game?

iplay1up21796d ago

Not yet, and I agree on the confusion part. I was going to pick it up yesterday, but Walmart and Costco did not have it. Walmart by my house was sold out of Wii U WWHD special edition hardware BTW.

ape0071796d ago

big sites got no pay checks from nintendo

if it was activision (I like CoD btw), it would've got a 9.0+ in all sites

gamespot, CoD black ops 2 a 9.3, Last of us( a fkn masterpiece) an 8........LOL

SaintAlpha1011796d ago

To be fair, fans and critics of Sonic the Hedgehog are as polarized as the north and south pole.
Almost every 3D game has had near equal amounts of people loving and hating it.
So far Lost World has had more people disliking it, but the game is still new and it could possibly become more equal when the game is released in the US.