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NWR - "Deus Ex: Human Revolution hit the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in late 2011 to critical acclaim. Combining an open world first-person cover shooter with a western-style RPG along with an extremely thought-provoking story, easily made it one of my favorite games of 2011. Fast-forward to today, Square-Enix has re-released the game, under a special “Director’s Cut” label, for all current-gen systems, despite it originally being a Wii U exclusive."

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Yep1581d ago

Good to hear that this game is going to as stellar as I say in the gameplay videos. As Wii U actually starts to get games, the GamePad is starting to further prove its relevancy.

BullyMangler1581d ago

yes yess! wiiU version of this game is sparking souLs .

ha ha haaaa others focusing on the wiiU poor sales rather its power to have more immersion and comfort than sony machines ..

Blues Cowboy1581d ago

I'd love to get the Wii U version, but it's so cheap on PC... hell, it's actually about £4 since I own the base game and DLC already. Shame, really, this could have been a killer exclusive, but more choice is definitely a good thing!

for we are many1581d ago

I think the original on PC is dirt cheap by now but not the Director's Cut enhanced version, which I believe is 20$, still cheaper than Wii U version, but the Gamepad control features have got me intrigued especially for this game that I am going to get it for Wii U.

Venox20081581d ago

in europe for some reason its much cheaper than in usa