These Xbox One Demo Stations are Quite Simple, Still Very Green

Microsoft normally loves to create big and flashy promotional material, and Xbox One demo units have been distributed to several stores across Canada to let gamers get their hands on the new consoles.

For once the demo stations are actually quite simple and functional, especially compared to the PS4 ones seen recently.

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Gamer6661794d ago

I went yesterday to my best buy and saw one!

Forza was the only thing they had on demo this week (They said, next week they will have Killer Instinct 3). It was really awesome although I did see some anti-aliasing issues that MS says they know about. The trigger feedback is amazing for racing!

There was no dashboard functionality as well...

famoussasjohn1794d ago

May check my best buy on my way home from work to see if they have a demo unit up. Would be awesome to check it out early.

iistuii1794d ago

Urrrg anti aliasing issues, if either of these consoles have jaggies I'll stick to my PC. I'd rather miss out than face jaggies everywhere. I gave up on GTA5 because of it's bloody awful jaggies. Nothing worse in games than aa & screen tearing.

Naga1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Really? There's nothing worse in games than anti-aliasing & screen tearing?

I feel like I could come up with several things right off the top of my head... but then again, I care for my games to be more than just tech demos.

kizzle321794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Yea I played F5 yesterday as well and definite Aliasing issues going on everywhere. Cars and environments. As well as anisotropic filtering was not all that great...a lot of the environment textures to me looked a little muddy especially when the camera was at a sharper angle. I mean its it plays amazing...but graphically I was a little let down after seeing all of the official "screenshots" which must be cleaned up because it does not look like this BY A LOOOONG SHOT...even while picking your car where they tend to enhance the car details...does not look anywhere near this quality

EDIT: For the record, I am a huge Forza fan and have owned each and every one to this day, on day one...

iistuii1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Nope I don't want tech demos either. I want to look at my car driving up the road with a nice smoothe frame rate & nice clear/clean textures. I get that 7/8 year old consoles can't mange it with the likes of GTA5, but Is that too much to ask from a new console in 2013.
Edit, although I game on PC for all multi's, I'm also a console fan & enjoyed playing exclusives on both consoles, but jaggies & screen tearing on a new £430 console is unacceptable to me.

Bigpappy1794d ago

How about slowdown, pop-ins and freezes? How about getting stuck in walls and in between floors?

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JokesOnYou1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Cool...wonder when my local Gamestops/Bestbuys here will get them? Also Forza5 obviously is a beast to show X1 but are there other game demos? Plus I rather see some vids of not only the games but also the UI/Kinect navigation.

Abriael1794d ago

All the pics I found show only Forza (besides one that has a generic logo screen that might be the startup)

NukaCola1794d ago

We've seen the games and that's cool... but im too really interested in vidocs on the X1/PS4 UIs and how everything comes together.

Magicite1794d ago

Far from beast, more like average.

JackISbacK1794d ago

no like best only ,it is the most graphicaly intensive reacing game ever seen and gameplay also looks quite good and best thing here is human like ai,which is good piece of technology and social intersections within gameplay,it is ,mix of graphics,gameplay and technology=a hit racing game,future will be more brighter like these amzing looking cars.

Magicite1794d ago

the crew and project cars devastates forza 5

danny8181794d ago

how can I check if my bestbuy has a demo unit? I live in the middle of the valley and literly have like 4 bestbuys in all directions

NexGen1794d ago

Call, or go in? Do you need help tying your shoes as well?

no_more_trolling1794d ago

what a stupid question
call and ask or go


IcicleTrepan1794d ago

There was a website link where you could put your zipcode in and find out. You can probably find it directly off the best buy website somehow. Sorry I don't have the link, I did try to find it for you but I couldn't.

danny8181794d ago

Thank you! I honestly checked on their website but they do have that zipcode finder to find midnight launch bestbuys i thought they had a best buy finder for the demo units that worked the same way. Everyone is an ass on this site. I

stuna11794d ago


Good look out! The only one who chose not to be an azz! Bubbles..

GusBricker1794d ago

So basically, the Xbox One is the length of two Xbox One controllers? That's not that big at all.

JackISbacK1794d ago

yeah man you are right ,it will be not problem to keep the controller also over it and it also not quite big ,but it may be wider ,yeah it is but it sill be no problem.i also think its is also gona be very cool ,while running games over"totaly heat free".

MajorMayhem701794d ago

As much as I would like to get my hands on "One", I want the first time I do to be Nov. 22.

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